“Worked hard as a dog – 9” Rangers rated in Prague

“Worked hard as a dog – 9” Rangers rated in Prague
Sparta Praha's Czech forward #09 Jan Kuchta (R) and Glasgow Rangers' Senegalese forward #19 Abdallah Sima vie for the ball during the UEFA Europa League Group C football match between Sparta Praha and Rangers FC in Prague, Czech Republic on October 26, 2023. (Photo by Michal Cizek / AFP) (Photo by MICHAL CIZEK/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers earned a massive point in Prague tonight following a tactical performance from Philippe Clement and a strong night from Jack Butland.

Ibrox Noise scores the players after a pretty solid Euro Rangers debut for the new boss:


Outstanding. Made several key saves, annoyed the hell out of the hosts, and proved why English eyes are watching him closely. He didn’t put a foot wrong. 9


Strong – few worked harder on the pitch than he, 8 clearances, 3 interceptions and a tackle not to mention two blocked shots. He was imperious and shows what a player he is under the right manager. 8


One massive c*ck up at the death from this guy nearly undid the whole team’s massive shift, but mercifully it was unpunished. Aside that he was solid. 10 clearances but no tackling or intercepting at all and didn’t get in the way of any shots. But when does he ever? 7


Give him his dues, he had a good night. Nothing went past him and he did plenty of work. He just doesn’t look visual with it, but he did nothing wrong. 8


Absolutely rubbish. Of the whole defensive unit he did the least by a distance and only had 4 clearances. Weakest performer by a distance and was completely lost in the wingback role. Tried to cross twice the whole night and failed both times. Very poor. 4


The polar opposite. Worked hard as a dog on the other side, ran himself into the ground, no one worked harder than him, and his defending was incredible. 6 tackles, 4 interceptions, 8 clearance, 3 attempts at a cross and one was of use. Even managed a dribble. Played the role to perfection. 9


Was sluggish a couple of times but made up for his errors as he grew into the match – worked doggedly all night and gave everything he had. Excellent passing of 90%. 8


A solid night, like Lunny, grew into this one – struggled to get into it but was way better in the second half. Defensively offered a lot. 7


5 dribbles were very nice from him and a couple of neat passes but still isn’t dominating matches as he used to be capable of last season. 6


This kind of summed up his season – runs about and looks like he is trying but has zero end product. 5


Wasn’t in this one at all. Not a single shot all night. Looked well out of it. 3



Just too weak to be able to deliver anything at this level, but Clement’s hands are tied at the moment. 4


Nearly won the damn thing with a brilliant shot off the bar. Looked bright. 6


Clement was absolutely hands tied here – no LB, The Mick’s dire summer window, a disjointed squad. And yet managed to forge a system which, while threatened a bit, still stuck together and got a result. His switch to 3-5-2 saw him seeing a lot about which players deserve to play for him. Sima was one such, Tavernier was the opposite. Clement learned a lot about his players tonight, and his tactics were very much contain, press, and hit. And frankly it worked well. Rangers fans will be much happier with the point than Prague. 9

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