Sacking the Mick & Gio – the appalling damage 3 men did to Rangers

Sacking the Mick & Gio – the appalling damage 3 men did to Rangers
The man at the top was part of the problem....

The damage Ross Wilson, Stewart Robertson and Douglas Park did to Rangers as a result of bungling managerial decisions, and are continuing to do, is absolutely catastrophic.

Initially, all was good – they’d appointed the right man in Giovanni van Bronckhorst and the feelgood factor was there alright.

We even signed £80M of talent in Aaron Ramsey and Amad Diallo, so the future was looking bright. Yes, the SPL had tailed off by January but no Scottish team can handle both Europe and the SPL at the same time. Just not possible.

But Sevilla? The Cup? All ours.

But then there was no support that summer for Gio, injuries blighting him and he got random signings he hadn’t asked for. He was given no signing opportunities in his homeland Holland whatsoever. £15M was spent and we don’t think he asked for a single one of those players, possibly bar Antonio Colak.

The injury blight compounded this and Rangers were just not ready for Champions League in this state – it all went badly wrong and he paid with his job. Ross Wilson and co had bungled Gio and had to pay him off to the extent of millions.

Then they made a lazy, Ross Wilson-driven appointment in Michael Beale, and quit. That’s right. All the morons who had appointed Beale left soon after, and now Rangers had a new board, one which honourably committed to supporting the idiot the previous lot appointed in charge.

That clearly went south, and he had to go. And that cost yet more millions.

In short, Ross Wilson, Stewart Robertson and Douglas Park have cost Rangers a reported £8M in completely wasted compensation to both Giovanni and the Mick. In Giovanni’s case because they refused to back him and support him, and decided he was a fail because he lacked charisma, in Beale’s case the damage goes back to the same men, and this newer board have been lumped with the old board’s mistakes.

£8M is a bit of a guestimate, we concede – but it has definitely cost a lot.

Rangers have been a tale of mismanagement for years, maybe beyond a decade. But that last board did nothing but hurt and damage the club and its coffers.

Unfortunately Graeme Park and one or two other remnants of that old board are still there, but we do feel Bennett and Bisgrove are a safer pair of hands, if not perfect.

And they have had to try to repair the damage the bungling buffoons who preceded them caused.

Expensive damage.

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