Rumour grows that Rangers to make managerial announcement on Friday

Rumour grows that Rangers to make managerial announcement on Friday
The two men in line for the job....

Speculation is doing the heavy rounds that Rangers are to announce their new manager today, after various small clues emerged from Ibrox that this is the case.

Firstly, 4lads Stevie Clifford confirmed on Wednesday he would be very very surprised if we didn’t know the identity of the new manager within 48 hours, which obviously hints strongly at an announcement being made today.

Secondly, a number of fans have suggested that some Ibrox insiders have whispered on the fly to them that the press room was shut off this week in lieu of the preparation of announcements today, which is a bit of Chinese whispers but we’ve heard that one from several sources.

And lastly there was a claim CEO James Bisgrove (accidentally) leaked the interview schedule which contained a return to Glasgow on Thursday with a decision having been made.

So there are three big clues that something is going to happen today, and it boils down to a choice between Kevin Muscat and Philippe Clement.

Is the announcement coming from Ibrox today? It could well. Rangers know they have to sort this out by the end of the international break, which gives a further 10 or so days give or take.

They want the new man in Govan at least some days before the next match so he can begin work ASAP.

And if the whole thing is sorted by today then that gives him the weekend and all of next week to meet the new players for preparation.

So… today then?

We shall see!

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