Muscat or Clement for Rangers as board make decision

Muscat or Clement for Rangers as board make decision
Monaco's Belgian head coach Philippe Clement looks on prior to the French L1 football match between SCO Angers and AS Monaco at The Raymond-Kopa Stadium in Angers, western France on May 7, 2023. (Photo by JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP) (Photo by JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP via Getty Images)

There is now genuine ‘confusion’ over who will be Rangers’ next manager, after sources confirmed Philippe Clement is majorly considering the Saudi offer while Kevin Muscat apparently ‘waved goodbye’ to Yokohama fans yesterday.

It is now boiling into a complete 50/50 of who will get the job now, and Ibrox Noise will try to make sense of what we know.

Clement is a big big target for Al-Shabab – they’ve given him a lucrative offer, and like other big football managers and players before him, he’s seriously considering it. Rangers have also given him an offer, the details of which Ibrox Noise reported yesterday. In short, he is torn between the big offer and big money, or the better club/football.

Meanwhile, aware of his ‘procrastination’ Rangers have also offered a deal to Kevin Muscat, who, it appears, accepted it on a gentleman’s basis – he waved goodbye to fans in Japan and is ready to make the move to Glasgow if the final decision goes his way.

Basically, Kevin Muscat wants the Rangers job sort of ‘more’ than Clement. Both want it, but Clement is torn between it and filthy lucre, and has a big decision to make. We’re not judging him one way or the other, money talks. Clement would take the Rangers job happily if the same wage was on offer.

Both managers are great. Rangers can’t really lose with either of them. Both are a gigantic upgrade on the flop that was Mick Beale and that in itself is great.

We’re hearing some reports that Muscat would want Neil McCann on his coaching staff, and we’ll be honest, we absolutely 100% would support that. Clement’s intentions aren’t too clear yet aside the likelihood he’d want Paul Mitchell as Sporting Director.

From what we understand, Clement hates recruitment – he doesn’t want anything to do with signing players, and trusts a Sporting Director to bring in good players – he just wants to do the coaching, man-management and tactics.

And all of which leaves us awaiting a decision – from Clement, Muscat and Rangers – because it now boils down to both of them.

It’s just a waiting game to see who says yes, and who Rangers plump for.


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