Michael Beale may have squandered £16M of Rangers’ money

Michael Beale may have squandered £16M of Rangers’ money
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 22: Rangers manager Michael Beale is seen during the UEFA Champions Qualifying Play-Off: First Leg between Rangers v PSV Eindhoven at Ibrox Stadium on August 22, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

While we’re sure the ‘give it time’ and ‘give him a chance ffs’ brigade will protest this article dismissing it as nonsense, the 84% of Rangers fans who voted to fire Michael Beale are infinitely wiser and know the game is up for Rangers’ manager.

It leaves us with a massive, MASSIVE problem.

We gave, as Ibrox Noise worried about, Michael Beale a free shot with our money – we gave him a blank canvas to build his Rangers, and effectively we warned he was playing video games Football Manager 2023 with our club.

Having witnessed what he’s done this summer, it can only be described as deeply amateurish, and £16M wasted on four forwards who have been, in a word, dismal, but who were clearly so and Ibrox Noise warned that Sam Lammer and Abdallah Sima in particular were career failures with no business being Rangers players.

Furthermore, we urged major caution at paying so much for Danilo, when his record in the Europa League was absolutely abhorrent and his Eredivisie record wasn’t a lot better either.

Cyriel Dessers was the only one of he and Haji Wright we could actually get, and trust us, Wright was a much better option. So was Colak but we’ve discussed that travesty a few times already.

The only summer signings that have actually impressed are Jack Butland, a former England goalie with almost 100 Premier League appearances, and Leon Balogun, but we knew what we were getting with him.

Dujon Sterling has had no chance to impress, and Jose Cifuentes is potentially great but has faded badly in recent weeks in a shambolic system, albeit dropped for Old Firm day. Kieran Dowell is just pure ordinary.

In short?

Michael Beale has made a dog’s dinner of the transfer window, and as we watched it happening at Ibrox Noise we feared hugely.

He was taking players who had absolutely delivered for us in the past (Arfield, Morelos and Kent) and replacing them with big gambles, players who were disenfranchised in many places.

Lammers, Dowell, Butland, Sterling and Dessers were five gambles, and only Butland has so far paid off. Cifuentes was a top player at LAFC but he was also a gamble in that he’d never played a higher level.

Danilo? His CV wasn’t great and we are paying a fortune for him in wages and fee.

The only signing this summer we were sure about was big Leon Balogun, a pro of a defender who has been unceremoniously dumped because Captain Goldseye is fit again.

In short again?

Beale has gambled £16M of Rangers’ pounds on very poor players, and it’s so far an absolute fail.

It’s not helped by his own ineptitude of course, but the reality is 14 matches in and not a single Beale summer signing, aside Butland and Balogun, actually looks a good addition.

And it was so obvious they wouldn’t either.

Ibrox Noise noisily urged caution about these guys, simply putting faith that Beale was getting it right and we hoped we were totally wrong about Lammers being a football failure and Sima being utter guff.

So far we’re more painfully correct than we want to be.

None of his signings have proven us wrong – we all knew Butland would be great, and we all love big Leon.

Aside that?

We’re in trouble, because he’s made a hash of our squad, a mess of our club, and he’s not capable of fixing it.

This is what happens when a man out of his depth wings it.

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