Rangers made to look foolish as ex-defender outclasses Ibrox side

Rangers made to look foolish as ex-defender outclasses Ibrox side
BIRKENHEAD, ENGLAND - JULY 10: Lewis Mayo of Rangers reacts during the Pre-Season friendly match between Tranmere Rovers and Rangers at Prenton Park on July 10, 2021 in Birkenhead, England. (Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images)

Ok, so as the post-mortem continues over yesterday’s debacle at Rugby Park, one thing is absolutely clear as crystal:

Rangers’ defence remains as shambolic and porous as always, and this manager has confirmed he has no interest in fixing it.

Worse yet? The best player on the pitch was a (former) Rangers defender, who never got the chance to shine in the shirt at all.

Yes, Lewis Mayo, never once getting any major sniff at the Ibrox gig, outshone any player on that plastic surface with an absolutely outstanding performance and scored highest of all defenders on whoscored with 7.54.

He felt he had a point to prove, and at 23, having been released to Kilmarnock, performed wonders against his old side.

Indeed, fearing reprisals, he posted a message of moderate gloating today, but blocked off the responses to only those he follows, because he definitely didn’t expect a lot of friendly replies.

Goldson? He was ghastly. Tavernier? Usual. Souttar? Aside the messy goal he was solid, but he wasn’t incredible. And Barisic a complete waste of a shirt again.

But Killie, up for the fight, the battle, saw Mayo excel.

Of course, he’d have a massive point to prove here, and might just put in a bigger shift than he would v Ross County or something, but the clarity of his performance, his hunger, compared with Rangers’ pathetic rearguard and overall feeble attitude was night and day.

We can’t say for sure if he’s good enough in general to be a Rangers player based on this, but he was better than anything at Rangers’ backline yesterday, that’s for sure.

And that’s alarming. Very alarming indeed.

The day Connor Goldson signed a new contract was a grim day for Rangers, and the day Michael Beale decided defence didn’t matter wasn’t much better.

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  1. The thing is, try and criticise Goldson or Tav on any of the social media platforms and u get hundreds of fans jumping down your throat. I was called clueless and not a real fan because i said we should replace them along with Barisic. Was told im being passive aggresive by someone else and just random attacks by others lol. It seems a lot of our fans will do anything to protect Tav or Goldson despite hoe bad they play.

  2. Our defensive frailties are there for all to see and until we drop Tav, Goldson & Barisic permanently it will continue to be our Achilles Heel. It also puts added pressure and higher expectations on our forwards to provide us with a serious amount of goals to compensate. 💙💙

  3. Young Mayo was very good but to be honest didn’t have buggerall to play against however that takes nothing away from him or the rest of the Killie players who showed great desire and fitness. We are a shambles at the back with the key failures whom we all really know Goldson Tav Barasic let’s not pretend .

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