Parkhead poison flows as Rangers set to lose out amid ridiculous row

Parkhead poison flows as Rangers set to lose out amid ridiculous row
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 29: Rangers fans show their support during the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

While ex-Rangers chairman Dave King very much ‘started it’ with regards to the escalating Old Firm tickets row (by reducing the visiting allocation to a pathetic 850 tickets) it is now firmly Celtic to blame for the continued immaturity surrounding this embarrassing shambles of a situation.

Rangers CEO James Bisgrove confirmed recently the return of fans to this fixture was a high priority, and discussions were underway to restore the 850 visiting fans to Ibrox, to begin the restoration of opposing fans at this fixture. 850 or so is far from great, but it’s better than nothing.

Unfortunately, the weans at Parkhead rejected this olive branch, and will not send any of their fans to Ibrox on the 2nd, and refuse to offer any tickets to Rangers for the return trip to their place.

So, while it’s on Rangers for beginning this fiasco years ago (one Ibrox Noise shortsightedly endorsed at the time), Celtic refuse to let it go, and are now the proponent on ensuring no fans of either club will probably ever attend an away fixture in this match up again.

King shouldn’t have done this. It was fine the way it was. He spun it as a ‘reward’ for loyal fans, which was playing to the galleries, because no other rivalry in the world, not even the almost-as-intense el-clasico or Man Utd Liverpool would ever dream of this nonsense.

This match is 50% of the reason many of Rangers’ (and them lot too) recruits come to this (their) club – it’s sure not to face St Mirren. And this nonsense is cutting the nose to spit the face. Yes, Rangers’ old regime began it, but the current one wants to fix a lot of it.

But them lot over there isn’t interested in the olive branch and are quite happy to play to their own galleries.

So unfortunately, Old Firms with a bit of a dead atmosphere and no rival fans is going to become a standard in the future – and that really REALLY hurts the Scottish game.

Well done Celtic.

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  1. Let’s be honest here even the Manchester and Liverpool and London Derbys don’t give up whole stands as we did for a few seasons . It was amusing and fun after Pre Seville Rotten Mob Sombrero Beach Ball display was brilliantly parodied by The Bill display by us stuck it right up that lot . However it the became disrespectful and downright rude and spiteful with Broony and his mob tieing scarves and dancing in our faces as we toiled with Cozinha and Murty shambles. SO for me I give them exactly what they give us the small section of 805 seats end of . If they don’t want it fuck them.

  2. If Septic want to be childish it’s there prerogative. I feel they are doing their supporters a disservice by refusing the tickets. I don’t believe they have safety concerns.
    There is nothing quite like the electric atmosphere when the Broomloan was full and passions ran high with every kick of the ball.
    I will be glued to my TV on 3rd September hoping for a rerun of the last OF of last season. I’m excited already. 💙💙

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