How huge decision at Ibrox may change Scottish football…


With Dave King’s formal statement yesterday, it is the first sign in far too long of Rangers fighting back against the torrent of garbage we have faced in the past few years.

Rangers’ board has not dealt with the onslaught at all, never mind well enough, and even attempted to appease our enemies with olive branches to certain press groups and football authorities.

Such action backfired completely, in ways clearly documented. We won’t go there in this piece.

But we are pleased to see King finally defend the fans and justify the loyalty they have shown by renewing beyond even last year’s record levels, by slashing Celtic’s allocation at Ibrox to a modest 800.

Like all the other clubs, Celtic will get the wee corner, rather than the whole Broomloan as they used to get – and frankly it’s about time. Celtic have done nothing but smear our club for years, at director level and below, and their fans have revelled in it, so much so that Rangers’ action is frankly about time.

It’s about time this club fought back a bit – against the volleys of nonsense it gets from every angle.

It never fails to amuse us too how we get accused of ‘victim mentality’ – which is the best way for the perpetrators to justify their malevolence.

They can say what they like, hurl what abuse they like – but if this move from Rangers is anything to go by, along with King’s attack on SFA’s Hughes, it’s not going to go unanswered any more.

Far too long it did – far too long Scottish football and its Celtic leanings would simply walk over Rangers and get away with anything.

If Rangers start fighting back it becomes more of a war.

It’s a war the club is justified in.

However with Celtic responding in kind yesterday with tit-for-tat rebuttal, in concert with Hibs doing the same thing last season, it appears Rangers have fundamentally changed the Scottish game forever.

Whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen.


  1. David King does what he does best puts Rangers First …We all should do the same across all Scottish Football they need us more than we need any of them …#BOYCOTTAWAYGAMES

  2. Scottish football has been a disaster since 2008 when Rangers were treated dreadfully. Time to move on. Fans have shown King incredible loyalty. Likewise Kings life has been made difficult by SFA and legal system. We are a world brand. Exploit it. Gerrard is a great step forward. Getting through group prelims and into group stages will be huge step forward. Join share groups and/ or buy share if you can afford it. AND get behind boys at games.

  3. It's not a bad thing to sell so many season tickets…
    Trouble is that relocating existing ST fans from the Broomloan was too much money and the board had to make a decision. Why not sell the ST books for the Broomloan a little cheaper without the OF? It makes sense…
    The backlash will cost us more in points.
    I love The Bears but they've bungled this one…
    01 June – C'mon GERRARD!

  4. BillB, it will come as no surprise mate, that I am going to 100% disagree with your opening gambit…. we will have to agree to disagree on that.

    That said, I do applaud him for at last starting to bite back, despite what his motivations are , and the fact that he is doing it in the knowledge he has more season ticket ticket to more than make up for the loss of Celtic fans tickets (would he have taken the move if he didnt have that- probably not). That said, yes it is a good sign of at last at least looking like he is going to fight back, but what harm or damage does it actually do to the opposition? I would suggest nothing.
    What would do real harm to those who went against us and still attack us to this day? Why not take the next logical step… refuse to take any away ticket allocations from those clubs. It could be argued that that could politically be a step too far, and I could accept that to a point. BUT there is a way to do the clubs damage, HUGE damage, AND backup Kings move….. Simple stuff really…. Rangers fans STOP buying tickets to away games…. simplae as that. STOP putting your hard earned into their pockets. It honestly bheggars belief, that after everything they did to us that WE are still prepared to give them the money they so desperately need, by buying there tickets and buying there refreshments etc.
    STOP going to there grounds for 1 season and watch what happens. They said they didnt need or want our money when they sent us down to the bottom tier. GREAT !!!! Fine!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM IT!!!
    We, the fans can actually wield more power, and easier than King and co can, and quicker!!!!

  5. Graham,I don't disagree with everything you've said as deep down I would love to hit them hard as well,but I touched on this a while ago that if we had the opportunity to go away from home and win the league near the end of season,
    what would happen then and I'm sure you would agree,we would all want to be there and am sure Stevie G/co/players would want to celebrate with the Greatest Fans in the World just as much,but as I said I don't disagree but think it could harm the team as sometimes you need the fans as the twelfth man to get you through certain matches…. watp Helicopter 2005

    • 50,000 at Ibrox watching it on Rangers TV at £5 a head last day of the season. That's a cool 250,000 blue pounds in our account.
      I've noticed U like choppers, we can hire a couple of Serkorski S92's and fly the team back to Ibrox. 50k supporters having a party celebrating🍺🍺 surely that must be better than a few thousand away from home??

    • Robbie,, watching what?? I witnessed the worse Rangers team ever last season,, utter dross whereby the sheep beat us to second place with players at a tenth of the budget!!!
      Your romance and desire does not meet the realism of how crap our team is!!
      You and others are jumping on the Dave King euphoria wagon before we have even signed a decent player or got rid of the dead wood,,,
      I can only pray we build a team that will win the league next season,, but thus far, I have only seen smoke and mirrors so all the season tickets are sold!
      We still have a shit team!!!
      Time will see, but I will certainly not cream my pants over nothing done thus far to improve our team!!!!!!

    • Jumbo.
      As U my eyes were bleeding last season and they were total pish.
      U don't have an argument out of me whatsoever.
      But. We were the top goalscoring team in the SPL and should have beat them last season.
      Jimbo Stevie doesn't start till next week and with a solid defence which I'm certain we shall have before we kick a ball, that alone would put us in a better place.
      It won't end there, we will have about 9 new players in total. Rossiter will be like a new signing to boot!
      I understand UR concerns but they will be put to bed real soon mate.
      All Is Good Squire!!

  6. I said it before the small clubs in Scotland loved having us in their lower leagues. They loved what we brought to them in tv and fans. Yet the top league just want to cut their nose off to spite there face. It’s ashame that only one club can get relegated each season. I’d love them all replaced

  7. Long overdue decision by Rangers to restrict the number and visibility of Celtic fans at Ibrox. Having the whole stand behind the goal gives their team an unfair advantage compared to the corner we are given at Celtic Park. More so I can’t help thinking that Celtic have brought this upon themsaelves with their boorish and undignified behaviour from the players, from Griffiths tieing scarves to the goalposts and unfurling banners, to Brown with his sunglasses as they jump up and down and milk it. I don’t remember Richard Gough, or Brian Laudrup behaving is this disrespectful manner following numerous victories in the East End. Well done Mr King!

  8. Yaass! On Yersel King!
    Buzzin for June 1st!!


  9. I think a lot of us has jumped the gun here, the bottom line is that King has still not come across with the cash yet, he's making big decisions butno sign of big money

  10. Aye, well it will cost them, more than it will US, in the end. We have the spending power and numbers, and they know it. F*** them, they've had this coming. In the end, they'll have to sit down and negotiate, but at least they'll know we're not taking their shite at the SFA an off of CFC, any longer. An that goes for Hibs, too. Too long, the SFA has been a Hibernian/Celtic love-in. NO MORE!

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