Did Rangers medics save the life of departed Nnambi Ofoborh?

Did Rangers medics save the life of departed Nnambi Ofoborh?
Nnambi during happier times at Rangers.

Rangers have said goodbye to Nigeria’s Nnambi Ofoborh, whose situation may have been truly tragic, but it’s on the medics (Ross Hall?) who didn’t flag up his heart issue and passed him with flying colours before Rangers’ own monitoring did the exact opposite and identified quickly a massive problem with the player’s health.

In short, from what we understand, Rangers’ medics saved Nnambi Ofoborh’s life, after he inexplicably passed the medical carried out, presumably elsewhere, likely at the private hospital where these medicals regularly take place.

The heart issue, unchecked, unidentified, could easily have killed the young man had he just played on without Rangers’ diligent medical staff noticing very quickly there was a serious problem with his cardiovascular system.

Unfortunately Ofoborh was never to play for Rangers, barely even training at the start, and he became a popular ‘cheerleader’ type figure at training who offered support and camaraderie but ultimately was costing Rangers a significant amount of money he was unable to repay.

He was £350,000 from Bournemouth, then a reported £8,000 a week over the course of 3 full years. This boy will not go hungry, put it that way, and it’s cost Rangers a total of 1.4M with nothing back for that.

It’s not Ofoborh’s fault, it’s the original medical for not seeing the problem, and the player in blissful ignorance signed for four years thinking his career was going to take off at a club the size of Rangers, only to have it taken away.

In the end, not a minute played, not an Ibrox match-day squad entered, absolutely nothing sadly for that £1.5M region of cash, and it’s no one’s fault aside the original medical who failed everyone.

Of course, had Rangers not scouted him and signed him, Bournemouth themselves might have missed the boy’s medical problems and the situation could have been very grave indeed.

As it is, Rangers, basically, saved Ofoborh’s life – pity he will probably never play football again.

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