“Announced himself – 9” – Rangers players ratings v Servette

“Announced himself – 9” – Rangers players ratings v Servette
Butland was sensational in Switzerland (Credit Rangers FC)

A lively night in Geneva ended with yet another famous Rangers win in Europe, as the travelling side survived a tough few moments to advance to another epic with PSV Eindhoven.

Ibrox Noise scores the lads on a job (mostly) well done:


If Livi was the demo this was the real thing – Butland made at least 3 massive saves, proving wrong any dismissive comments about him being ring-rusty. He was titanic and truly fully announced himself. 9


If it wasn’t for his goal we’d be complaining about another abject night from a miserably rubbish right back, who left the rear exposed countless times, lost the ball repeatedly and was dreadful in his passing. And was a big reason we conceded. Again. And yet, his goal sealed passage. As a defender, this was a 3 at best. As the match-winner, it’s got to be 10. Right place right time. So we’ll be fair and give him the benefit of the doubt with 8.


Really struggled with this one at the start, as we knew he would – out of position a lot in the first half, no understanding with Souttar at all, and exposed repeatedly. But his clearing header off a dangerous cross gave him confidence in the second half and he got better after that, finishing the deal fairly comfortably in the end. 6


He struggled, again, with Goldson, and while his own error in part led to the goal, he was a bit sixes and sevens – quite different from the brilliant understanding he has with Balogun. Like Goldson he improved a bit after the break. This is on Beale, of course. 6


This lad is in a real burst of form – didn’t let much get past him at all, and his assist for the winner was world class. 8


Strong showing as opponents again bounced off him, and set up Danilo with a perfect cross. Faded a little in the second half and was withdrawn. 7


Can’t honestly say we spotted a lot of him, wasn’t covering Tavernier this time, and didn’t really do much with the ball when he had it. Not quite sure what his role was. Subdued. 6


Much better from the Belgian – maybe he was just a bit off form lately, but this was a far stronger showing and his best of the season. Covered a lot of ground, nicked a lot of balls, and even nearly scored. 8


Always busy, making things happen, not all of which come off, Cantwell’s bravery and cavalier attitude to football is refreshing, and he had a lot of involvement again. 7


Very poor – started out lively but faded quickly yet again, this guy looks a no-hoper, as he has throughout his career. 4


Has had a Van Vossen moment already and this was only his third match, Servette a much stronger opponent than Livi, the Brazilian really struggled. His glaring miss will embarrass him, and he looked a long way off a £6M striker signed for nights like these. 3



Had borderline two Van Vossen moments here, and like Danilo didn’t shine. Short of confidence and needs a real run of form to give him some. 4


Yet another VV moment, the strikers were uniformly horrible, yet again – £15M spent on this lot and they’re struggling to impress. Early days and all that. 5


Is it any coincidence it all sealed up nicely once he was on and keeping the back door shut? With Tavernier further forward Sterling was staying back and sealed the door closed back there. 6


Well few were really happy with the selection, but it was, shock horror, indeed the exactly dummy Michael Beale sold the press earlier. He played a defensive match, a four, borderline five-man midfield and one occasionally two up top, nowhere near the ‘attack attack’ he’d claimed earlier. He will be deeply thankful for the man he trusts in the net, Butland, for keeping his side in this one, and the ex-England stopper may just get a few glances from down south on this form. Did Beale get it right tonight – who knows, but he’s a winning manager and we can all be happy with that. 8

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  1. I thought Raskin was fab last night and agree with most of your scoring. The front three were awful . As you say 15 mill between them and they looked and played like apprentices ffs. Once again the defence was upset from Saturdays stability accommodating Goldson who continues to be slow uncommitted and weak upsetting all around apart from Butland thank goodness who was imperious. . Then we have the Tav liability poor defending poor distribution again , how many times , awful then he scores great but do we accept this performance I think not. No doubt PSV will batter the right side of our defence it’s glaringly obvious.

  2. Agree with most of your scores, although I think you are being generous with Tav, I would take 2 of his points and give one each to Cifuentes and Cantwell.

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