Sky controversy as Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson moves to Saudi

Sky controversy as Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson moves to Saudi
England's midfielder Jordan Henderson reacts as he attends an England training session at St George's Park in Burton-Upon-Trent, on June 13, 2023 ahead of of their UEFA Euro 2024 Group C qualifiers match against Malta. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Slightly off-topic this one we know, but we had to pipe up a little on this Jordan Henderson controversy.

Specifically-speaking, the comical hypocrisy of many of his critics, who have remained fairly quiet on the Saudi league snapping up so many players from the Premier League recently, until it was one they could actually in some way emotionally attack.

See, Sky Sports (that steaming shower of hypocrites again) sent Melissa Reddy (yet another one of the steaming hypocrites) in to slaughter Henderson, for one simple reason.

And that simple reason has nothing do with the fact he’s moved to Saudi Arabia, and everything to do with the fact he’s Liverpool. See, Sky Sports have historically been hugely allied with Liverpool – in the early days their pundits were heavily ex-Liverpool, and they even have a Liverpool legend’s daughter as their main football presenter.

And now with Liverpool’s captain moving to Saudi, it’s time to attack again just like Sky did when the PGA tour got threatened by LIV golf. Nothing to do with Saudi, everything to do with a Sky partner having its wallet and turf threatened.

And here we go with something Sky under threat, aka Liverpool, so time to bring out the attack dogs and slaughter both Saudi and the player himself.

Now, did we see this level of attack at Kante from Sky? Or at Neves? No, once again it’s something that now matters to them, so it’s time to slaughter and use politics when they didn’t before.

But it’s the attacking at Henderson’s legacy by joe punter we find amusing – yes, he promoted the rainbow laces, and yes, he was pro LGBT rights, and now he’s moving to a country where there aren’t any.

Didn’t see Sky slaughtering Gary Neville for being employed by Qatar though…

And just because Henderson is moving to Saudi doesn’t now mean he’s endorsing what he once criticised. It’s just business. If you oppose Joe Biden must you now not move to America for a job?

Sky, and joe punter, picks and chooses what things to be offended by and what not to be – that’s their prerogative. But we’ll never stop being amused when it’s one rule for one thing and quite another for something else.

And none of this has pretty much anything to do with Rangers. Or would our fans get in a tizz if someone in Saudi shells out big money for one of our players…

We’ll see, won’t we?

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