Rangers could be set to bank £26M from Calvin Bassey

Rangers could be set to bank £26M from Calvin Bassey
Rangers' Italian-born English defender Calvin Bassey attends a team training session at the Rangers Training Centre in Glasgow on May 12, 2022, ahead of their Europa League final football match against Eintracht Frankfurt on May 18th. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers will bank a stunning £2.1M from Calvin Bassey’s £21M sale from Ajax to Fulham as the ex-Ibrox defender ends his Dutch nightmare with an incredible move to the English Premier League.

With it confirmed Rangers have a sell-on of 10% of any price of any future Bassey sale, Ross Wilson can be pleased with himself at last for finally getting something right, as Rangers secure a fantastic bonus chunk of cash which can help potentially secure Danilo from Feyenoord.

However the sell-on cash is used, though, Bassey must be beyond thrilled to have secured a switch to the world’s best league, having seen his time in Holland absolutely flop beyond words, with Dutch legends aplenty slaughtering his performances in the Eredivisie.

As we described before on Ibrox Noise, it was clearly the wrong move. Did we care? No, we were getting £19M minimum for him, with potentially another £4M, but it was pretty obvious to anyone who knew football that this was a really bad judgment call from Bassey.

The Nigerian international is a technically dreadful defender, with zero reading of play and absolutely no awareness. His main year at Ibrox was punctuated with errors and gaffes, but his uncanny ability to atone for them quickly.

But England? That suits him a lot better – he’s a big strong ox of a boy, who can flatten anyone, but he needs to be beside a more cultured defender who can lead him. Whether Fulham have that we couldn’t tell you.

But either way Rangers bank an outstanding £2.1M from this sale, and if he does do well in England with the Craven Cottage side, he might just get a big VVD-style move to a top PL side and Rangers get yet more bonus cash.

It’s also worth pointing out Bassey could now be worth £26M to Rangers if we include all the clauses…

But that’s down the line. We hope he does a lot better with Fulham than he did with Ajax, and Rangers could benefit from it.

End of the day, Ajax was wrong move wrong time and Bassey paid for it with a lot of abuse from Ajax fans and pundits in general.

He now gets to end that nightmare, hopefully moving back home to England will help him again.

And help Rangers’ coffers too…

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  1. If he leaves Ajax, how would we continue to benefit beyond the sell on clause? Would the other terms of that not die with the Fulham deal?

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