What is new Rangers striker Sam Lammers’ role at Ibrox?

What is new Rangers striker Sam Lammers’ role at Ibrox?
Lammers posing on his unveiling (Credit Rangers FC)

So with new signing Sam Lammers likely to play a big role at Ibrox next season under Michael Beale who clearly seems to hugely rate the-now Rangers striker, what will indeed be Lammers’ position and product?

While a lot of guessing is being done, Lammers ultimately will fall into one of two roles up front for the Famous:

He will either be a target man centre-forward, or he will be a pure goalscorer.

Now, we know you’ve seen the YouTube videos which make him look like the ghost of Maradona, but we urge a massive note of caution – the only footage in there which really matters, is the stuff there’s a lot less of, and that’s his Serie A performances.

That’s where he’s been for four years, disregard the Heerenveen footage because it’s just too long ago – it all went Pete Tong when he switched to PSV. And thereafter his career has been very, very poor.

BUT we’re his biggest fans now because he’s one of us, and the brief stuff from Serie A is definitely promising in places.

What do we see?

A clinical finish, nimble feet, a good touch and some good vision, and skill. He doesn’t look particularly strong – despite his ample height he’s not an obvious target man, kind of in the way Joe Aribo was very tall but we didn’t really use him aerially.

What we see from Lammers is a player who went south very quickly after one strong season, but the ability is still there fleetingly. He showed glimpses of it in Italy, but he clearly did not suit that league at all. We’re seeing Milan’s £30M star Charles De Ketelaere absolutely drown after the move from Belgium, and our own Brian Laudrup did not thrive at either the Rossoneri or I Viola either. He didn’t truly rampage into a top player till he got to Rangers.

The catch is Lammers struggled at PSV as well, in Holland, before switching to Italy, so we’re hoping Michael Beale’s intuition is bang on here.

So, we ask again, what role?

The centre forward or the pure goalscorer – well, we have one of the latter in Colak, but he’s probably not in favour, while we have no centre forward at all.

We think Beale has signed Lammers to be a centre forward, even if the Dutchman doesn’t seem all that strong – he’s been added to support a pure goalscorer in what looks like it may be a bit of a switch in formation.

How the manager will accommodate Lammers in front of Todd Cantwell we’re not completely sure, but clearly he must know what he is doing.

But we don’t think Lammers is here to score goals.

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