Michael Beale is a Rangers genius if Sam Lammers works out

Michael Beale is a Rangers genius if Sam Lammers works out
Lammers posing on his unveiling (Credit Rangers FC)

So obviously it’s official, Sam Lammers was, as expected, confirmed a Rangers player yesterday. We make no bones about it, we are deeply, deeply sceptical of this addition, and given we’ve spent £2.5M on him, that matters a little more than the free signings of Kieran Dowell and Dujon Sterling, neither of whom are strictly expected to be first-team starters.

But for the outlay, Lammers is, and the biggest concern we have is every single defender of his merits seems to be stuck in 2019 and his Heerenveen form. That’s a long time ago.

Lammers was once a great striker, a 22-year-old with the world at his feet, but when he switched to PSV in 2019 it immediately went south, with a knee injury in there too.

Since his switch to Philips Stadion, he’s made 86 appearances in football for various clubs, and scored just 9 goals in those four years. We let Filip Helander go based on a similar number of outings, and fans are dubious about Kemar Roofe’s ability to stay fit. And some are backing Lammers despite that contradiction.

We have Dutch football experts telling us Lammers is better than we think, but even they are referencing his stricken time at PSV where he only played 7 times.

Lammers has had ONE good season in senior football, and that was Heerenveen 2018/2019. He’s 26, and has been absolutely abysmal since then. We’re not going to make any bones about it, he’s been rotten. We’re not being brutal, or harsh – we’re being honest. If he was joining Celtic we’d be mocking them.

Some are talking about trusting Beale, and at this point, he’s not done a lot to earn that trust. We at Ibrox Noise choose to let him earn that trust – he does not already have it, at all, and there’s nothing wrong with us having a hard reset on him and seeing what transpires.

And that applies to the transfer window.

Lammers’ career of the last 4 years has been poor, very, very poor. Atalanta wrote him off and dumped him for a third of what they paid, that tells you a lot about the regard they held him in.

HOWEVER, and we know you were craving a big BUT and some positivity – Lammers, like all the rest of our players, is now one of us, and we support him on the pitch like we do all our players.

We desperately, DESPERATELY want to be penning a piece in the autumn holding our hands up admitting we were miles off, and Beale got it bang on about Lammers. We want to praise Beale for his genius. We have no ego for being right if our opinion is critical. We want what’s best for the club.

And we’re very worried Lammers is a dud. So, Sam, and Bealey? Prove us totally wrong!

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  1. Ive got a feeling he will hot his Herenveenn form, Beale is gd at gettin max out of his players when needed. Hes proven he can do it at least, hes a big guy, 6ft 3 so hel be able to handle himself too. I really hope it works out as i love Dutch players.

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