Timplosion well and truly underway as Angie leaves for Tottenham

Timplosion well and truly underway as Angie leaves for Tottenham
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 02: Rangers Head Coach / Manager, Michael Beale and Celtic Manager, Ange Postecoglou speak prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at on January 02, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

You’re just going to have to forgive a slightly indulgent guilty pleasure article that, yes, is significantly about Stavros and his imminent exit from Celtic to Tottenham.

See, Ibrox Noise is all about the Rangers, but we’d be liars and fools to ignore the east end because that’s our rivals, and sadly both clubs are two sides of the same coin in this city, whether each of us likes it or not.

However, whether the move to London happens for Mr Angie or not, the reaction from those unfortunate timmies who have leaked onto Rangers channels is absolutely priceless; from singing his name in wild support at Hampden, they are now immediately doing a ‘Brendan Rodgers’ and slaughtering him.

Now it’s filled with the hateful stuff, now these fans loathe the man for backstabbing them, apparently, and he’s the obligatory ‘was never one of us’ spiel that they like to peddle when the latest manager betrays them.

The crime Rangers committed wasn’t being not good enough for Celtic, it was being so rubbish that even a poor Celtic side looked good against us – that is Stavros’ legacy – being better than an absolutely howling Rangers side.

See, his first season we were all about Europe – let’s face it, we sacrificed the league and went all-out for Europe. It nearly worked and we still salvaged a Scottish Cup against him.

His second? We absolutely screwed up with a horrible transfer window and suffered a chronic injury crisis on top of that.

He had NOTHING to beat. Rangers were absolutely cr*p last season, we really were, and we handed two league titles to him.

As things stand he’ll leave for Spurs – he probably doesn’t care if he fails, the wage will set him up for life and he can’t say no to that.

He’s also now seeing, if he cares, how vile these fans are, with their insults and smears at him now that he’s leaving – Rodgers got it thick, and he’s getting it too. Is he likely to change his mind and stay?

He delivered them a treble and now they hate him because he’s been given the Premier League.

It’s a little spot of well-earned Schadenfreude for Rangers fans – this lot have given us such dog’s abuse for so long, we deserve a wee bit of payback, and watching this timplosion is absolutely comedy gold.

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  1. Love it,watching them greetin,
    The party never lasted that long 🤣🤣🥳

  2. I’m gloating over the shit hitting the fan because in recent weeks the abuse from timmies I received were personal, sexist and derogatory in nature. As much as I wouldn’t go on a Celtic site if there are any of them still infiltrating ours then all I can say is Karma is a bitch. Angie couldn’t get away quick enough & Jota might be next. 💙💙

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