The three paths for ex-Rangers star Ryan Kent

The three paths for ex-Rangers star Ryan Kent
Kenty signs in Turkey (Credit Fenerbahce)

We know the bulk of Rangers readers will dismiss this article as ‘who cares, he’s gone ffs’ or attack the lad given he’s become public enemy number one in recent weeks, but ex-Rangers now-Fenerbahce winger Ryan Kent will face his first match for his new club early next month, and we at Ibrox Noise are absolutely curious about how he will do.

There are three paths this can go on…

Path 1:

He drowns in the hostile environment of the Super Lig, with Turkey’s notorious crowds intimidating the life out of him, and Ryan Kent very quickly disappears from view.

Path 2:

He does ok – not drowning, but not shining, and becomes a bit of an average winger with no real clamour around him, with average stats.

Path 3:

He shines – he takes to the new challenge like a duck to water, Fenerbahce love him and he hits new heights.

Which one does Ibrox Noise think is going to happen?

Honestly? We reckon number 3. Kent is a supremely talented and capable winger, and he clearly needed a fresh start – if he gets one good performance in, suddenly those difficult Sarı Kanaryalar fans will love him – these supporters, like Rangers’ own, love a great player, a great winger, and will get right behind an exciting talent as long as he looks like he’s working for it.

While Rangers fans want to accuse him of otherwise, Kent was never lazy for Rangers – he lost focus in the final 3 months after it was confirmed internally that he wasn’t signing a new deal, and his head turned to what club he was moving to, but aside that he gave Rangers a lot more than the fans want to admit that he did.

And if that hard work comes out at Şükrü Saracoğlu then they will love him pretty quick.

The league he is now in is much stronger than the Scottish Premiership – don’t trust the coefficient, it’s based pretty much on Rangers’ own achievements the past five years.

So unlike most fans we think he will thrive there.

Just our take.

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