Former Rangers winger tears it up in Englands as fans change minds

Former Rangers winger tears it up in Englands as fans change minds
SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - MAY 13: Amad Diallo of Sunderland applauds the fans following the Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Semi-Final First Leg match between Sunderland and Luton Town at Stadium of Light on May 13, 2023 in Sunderland, England. (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

If there’s one ex-Rangers player our fans talk about a lot, it’s Amad Diallo. Deemed a failure at Ibrox, the on-loan Manchester United winger has now won a tonne of admirers among Rangers’ support for his performances at Sunderland, where the Ivorian winger had a very fine time of it.

This followed, of course, his lambasted spell at Ibrox where our unforgiving fans dismissed the lad as a complete dud, despite his showing many signs of talent. Ibrox Noise always backed the lad and got frequent mockery for doing so.

But of course, tearing it up at the Stadium of Light, the former Atalanda man is now coveted by many and has a market value firmly in the £20M zone.

So what does this mean?

It does still show how Rangers fans might all profess to give Dujon Sterling and Kieran Dowell a ‘chance’ but a couple of unconvincing performances and the same individuals will turn quicker than milk and slaughter them. Be ready for that.

But it also shows that the pressure of playing for Rangers is beyond anything Diallo has ever experienced – it’s easier to thrive in the lesser pressure of England’s second tier than it is under the Govan floodlights where every match has to be won in front of 50,000+ fans.

Diallo was roundly crushed by our fans because he struggled to carry the jersey at times, but he showed equally many examples of his quality in our shirt – he never hid as a Rangers player, and he tried things.

But he also suffered by association of a very poor period of domestic form. We won the cup, but the league was a shambles, while we were outstanding in Europe but he played no part in our European adventure.

So he left, a promising young right winger who so many fans dumped completely, and now that he’s thriving in England, they either want him back or praise him anyway.

But there’s a difference between coping with playing in the Championship, and coping with the pressure of Ibrox.

Not every great player can cope with the intensity of what playing for Rangers demands.

We’ll never know if Diallo could.

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  1. Can you do a peice on how more of our yourh got released again today, some of them won the Alkass Cup (sorry if i got that wrong there), but it was something like tht. Our youth showed they were better and outplayed the other potential world class youth players and future stars. And we done it thoughout the tournamount so whats happening, is our youth plan not structured properly?, its like the higher ups at Ibrox dont really care about giving youth a chance. Somethings not right if those other clubs youth players move on and start challenging there first teams or other big first team clubs and all ours that outplayed them just get released then what is the point in having a youth system at all ? Its starting to become pointless having any youth at Ibrox.

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