Amad Diallo deserves another chance at Rangers

Amad Diallo deserves another chance at Rangers
Amad arrives in Govan (Credit Rangers FC)

While Aaron Ramsey’s signing has been a bit of a mild disaster thus far, we’re not ready to concede defeat on Amad Diallo.

The 19-year old winger already has 3 caps for his country, four Serie A appearances, one goal, 3 PL outings, one assist, and two Champions League appearances, and Man Utd bought so much into his potential they invested up front of around £20M for him, rising to 40 through appearances and bonuses.

Diallo is a £40M winger, who’s come to Rangers right as our form dipped. His debut was promising, and the talent was clear, but it was a mistake to start him v Celtic in a cauldron like that. In Diallo’s defence, even against Celtic he didn’t hide. He tried, he dribbled, and he worked.

But since then GVB has ditched him to the bench, and the Ivory Coast man has been mostly AWOL aside a few cameos.

We think this boy has something. You don’t play 3 times for the Ivory Coast if you’re rubbish. You don’t play for Atalanta and Man Utd if you’re not good enough.

He is young, and he is learning, but he’s suffered as much as anyone from the side’s form plummet in recent weeks and fans have turned on him a little.

We recall a few weeks ago backing the kid, telling fans not to give up on him yet, and one smart alek asked ‘who’s given up on him’.

A few weeks later, there’s a lot less goodwill now than there even was back then, let’s just say.

Diallo has something, he just needs a few games. But with the pressure the club is under now, is it the right time to give him that faith?

We think so. He didn’t drown v Celtic, but he didn’t swim effortlessly. But he deserves another good chance to show what he can do, and with a bit of pressure on his head to deliver.

Make no mistake, Saints is massive, but he’s unfit so won’t be back till next week. But needs a chance.

Just got to get that chance.

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  1. I have nothing against the lad and he clearly has some skill but sometimes you see things that give you an unfavourable insight to his character. In his last appearance off the bench (Dundee Utd?) he pulled out of one tackle that was 70/30 in his favour and completely gave up on a good through ball from Tavernier. These things worry me.

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