Robby McCrorie does not deserve the stick he is getting from some Rangers fans

Robby McCrorie does not deserve the stick he is getting from some Rangers fans
Robby in action at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers fans in their droves have leapt on Robby McCrorie in glee today finding a new scapegoat to attack after the stopper conceded his first-ever Rangers goal.

In yet another example of fans who demand to see the youngsters and players like McCrorie given a chance, then abuse said player when they do maybe one fractional thing wrong, McCrorie is now getting it thick from a shameful portion of the ‘support’ who consider his display in a dead rubber match to be important and worthy of judgement and condemnation.

The same fans, incidentally, were singing his name and praising him to the hilt especially after an outstanding Old Firm, and having conceded zero goals in any of his four senior appearances for the club, two of which were against Celtic, one of which is was in Europe, and the final one v on-form Aberdeen.

But because in a truly dead rubber match at Easter Road in which manager Michael Beale started a defensive partnership we’ve never seen before in John Souttar and Leon King, some ‘supporters’ have gleefully claimed McCrorie is now a dud and they want a new stopper in.

It’s embarrassing. It’s the state of fans whose opinions and views are worth absolutely nothing, when they can change that quickly from unconditional support and praise to slaughtering someone in the blink of an eye.

Is this what our support is becoming? A glut of fans who simply pick and choose players to attack and slaughter every other week?

That the best goalie at the club and a near-5 in 5 shut-out record but for some horrific defending by young inexperienced stoppers who aren’t at the right level yet and may never be was absolutely ditched at full time by some fans who immediately knee-jerked with rubbish about how he ‘clearly’ isn’t good enough…

Words sometimes fail us on the mentality of our fans at times.

McCrorie was fine – for his own part he had a solid match in a fixture which mattered not a jot, and he had yet another defensive duo to try to communicate with, and we know from experience how poor Leon King has been in the shirt.

And he was absolutely fuming to conceded a goal in the last minute. Had the defence kept that out, McCrorie would be getting praised to the hilt for another clean sheet and solid display, and all those fans would be demanding he be number one.

Football eh?

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