Rangers may have some major money to play with this summer

Rangers may have some major money to play with this summer
DOHA, QATAR - DECEMBER 03: Haji Wright of United States reacts during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Round of 16 match between Netherlands and USA at Khalifa International Stadium on December 03, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise’s Ross was looking into the numbers for you earlier to try to identify the believed budget for this summer, and after digging into FFP and losses he postulated a potential £10M for Michael Beale to spend in the window.

This seemed a reasonable summary and on the face of it, does back up every single summer spending since 2018. The only one we didn’t spend much was 2021 with nothing but Bosmans, hence crashing out to Malmo in the Champions League qualifiers and leading to Steven Gerrard taking a big swipe at the board for their lack of financial backing.

Aside that, it’s generally been about £10M-£15M every summer since Gerrard signed on, meaning a grand total of about potentially £60M. Staggering when we think about it, and it excludes January’s window.

However, there’s reason to believe we have more than £10M to play with this summer, and it comes from a reliable source.

Turkish journalist Salim Manav, who has a credible background in the media, claimed last night Rangers had bid in the region of £7M for Haji Wright, which given our supposed lack of cash is a bewildering piece of news.

Then that was quickly followed up by the alleged interest and possible bid in £6M man Karlan Grant.

Now, normally we’d take this with the pinch of salt Ross himself advises, but when it’s a journalist with sources in Turkey, much like the ones here such as the Athletic and other credible sources who tonight tell us we’ve close to securing Dijon Sterling, does it suggest that Rangers, staggeringly, DO have money to spend?

That after all the ‘where’s all the £100M’ claims made by ourselves as well as others, that in fact Rangers DO have some cash in the coffers and will be using it this summer?

Ross points that FFP rules have doubled the amount of deficit a club is allowed before sanctions are placed, which gives the club a hell of a lot of leeway and potentially, the spending of some serious cash.

If it wasn’t for Manav, who couldn’t give a hoot about Rangers or our fortunes, broadcasting such a strong story about us we might be less inclined to swallow it, but it’s a European journo with no ties to our club or agenda to lie.

And he’s telling us £7M was bid on Wright.

Sure, why would a journo lie, right? Not always the most reliable are they?

But this is one with no reason to, and a pretty good CV in the media.

In short, we’re not going to guess numbers, but Ross’s estimate of £10M may in fact be very modest after all.

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