Rangers manager Michael Beale has changed his mind on Ryan Kent

Rangers manager Michael Beale has changed his mind on Ryan Kent
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Ryan Kent of Rangers looks on as he warms up prior to the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Olympique Lyon at Ibrox Stadium on September 16, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers manager Michael Beale’s wonderful two-facedness ramped up a level today after about-turning yet again, this time on Ryan Kent.

After previously praising the lad to the hilt, only barely two months ago, Beale has changed his mind entirely and criticised the winger.

Now, before we get into the detail of what he said, we will explain why he’s changed his mind, and it’s very simple:

Kent rejected Rangers during the famous discussions over the international break, and Beale took the hump from it.

Since then, the manager’s rhetoric around Kent has been much quieter and a lot less positive, giving away that he was going to leave, and now that it’s official, Beale is the spurned lover who has gone from adoring Kent to never wanting to talk to him again.

He said:

“I came in at a time when the team wasn’t performing well on the pitch. We parked some of those conversations until earlier this month. It was then confirmed on our side that we thought it was right for all parties to look for something new. The players were in agreeance as well. We all seemed to be on the same page. Sometimes things run their course, I think it’s fair to say both boys need a new environment. That will hopefully give them a burst of energy to get back to their best, because I don’t think this season has been their best. Certainly for us, in those positions, we need to bring some new faces in.”

There is so much to dissect here.

First of all they did NOT park those conversations till earlier this month, because it was made clear by all parties that chats would happen at the last international break, and they did indeed take place.

Secondly Beale tries to spin Kent’s (and Morelos’) rejection as club-initiated, that we were the ones who made the decision. Literal nonsense.

And lastly ‘I don’t think this season has been their best’ which counters 1: selecting them incessantly 2: speaking so highly of them until the recent weeks.

This is why, unfortunately, Beale’s verbals are such utter nonsense and can’t be taken seriously. Most fans, in fairness, have seen through his lies and rubbish and accept that he’s just full of it and not to be trusted.

Queens Park Rangers know this only too well.

But we should say we still support him as Rangers manager – he has a clean slate and a fresh transfer window to build a team, and it needs all the backing it and he can get.

Just don’t ask us to believe his account of things!

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  1. Manager has to try and win games and so puts out the best team he feels he has. When you only have one fit recognised striker, you use him, so you “big him up”.
    Your argument would hold more water if you named the winger and striker in the squad you feel are better. Matondo? I don’t know , time will tell. Sakala? I like him, but he is not good enough to lead us out for a dozen games running, more of a forward and a temporary option. To say nothing of the fact that either or both could be injured as soon as he brings them in, leaving him to beg a player he has just killed in the media.
    So Beale did what he had to do. Hard to see another good option.

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