Rangers fans are raging over Scott Arfield’s exit from Ibrox

Rangers fans are raging over Scott Arfield’s exit from Ibrox
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 25: Scott Arfield of Rangers is seen during a My Gers Open Training Session at Ibrox Stadium on July 25, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers fans are today reacting in rage and heartache after it was confirmed Scott Arfield will leave Rangers following the expiry of his contract.

While the worst-kept secret at Ibrox since Ryan Jack’s extension, Arfield’s departure is not being well-received at all by fans, gutted to see how poorly the former Canada international has been treated by this manager.

An absolute favourite of Steven Gerrard, it is clear that Michael Beale completely disagreed with his old boss on that one, and made sure that one of the first things he did when given the position himself was to make Arfield his ‘sacrificial lamb’.

That is to say every new manager always makes one stalwart player their ‘example’ player to the fans and squad of how this manager will not be messed with, and dumps that player to the bench or reserves.

It’s happened before – Miller, Wallace – they both got dumped out by different managers determined to make their mark.

Well, Arfield was Beale’s – Scotty has and had plenty left in the tank, but simply didn’t fall under this Rangers manager’s interests, despite what he can and could give to the club, and finds himself exiting the club with no new deal offered.

And now Rangers fans have expressed their distaste in their droves over this decision, over the treatment he’s received and the lack of courtesy the club has shown him despite his evident contribution.

There will be the usual contraries in the support who will back this decision and claim he’s a waste of wages and worth dumping, but we’ll just ignore that lot.

This is just a predictably bad decision that will not gain Michael Beale a lot of friends.

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  1. Wrong move by Beale and will be one of many I fear. His continual backing of Goldson retention of Davies and perhaps even Kamara will be further mistakes he will regret. Scottie Arfield gave all he could for the Famous everyone could see that pity Beale couldn’t.

  2. Absolutely gutted scotty is leaving he has been shafted by out manager which I think will come back to him in the bum.he got the famous from when he signed and he will leave with my best wishes

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