Rangers board faces major stick or twist dilemma over Michael Beale

Rangers board faces major stick or twist dilemma over Michael Beale
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, looks on prior to the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Yes, we’re genuinely asking this question now, and frankly we’re not interested in the ‘give him a chance ffs’ brigade.

We care only about Rangers, about our future, about success, and if we start to get an inkling of doubt about our manager, we have to address it, and one of the most telling things that has been observed about Michael Beale is how hard he has failed in every single important match bar one.

The phrasing we’ve heard is ‘has won all the matches he was supposed to’ but of course that’s not what he’s judged on. Beating St Mirren and Dundee Utd is not what a Rangers manager is measured on.

In every. Single. Big. Match Michael Beale has managed Rangers, we’ve fallen short and he’s failed.

Three losses to Celtic and a draw, and the loss to Aberdeen show how poorly he has actually done, while his statistical domestic record is actually inferior, pro-rata, to Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s, who had the Champions League to contend with on top of it and still won the cup, beating Stavros’ Celtic along the way. Beale got nowhere near that. Two attempts at a domestic cup, and two fails.

Michael Beale has NOT been a success – he fooled all of us with a succession of good results up till the Celtic draw, then not only hijacked that one but wrecked every subsequent big match thereafter.

His one big success is signing two great players in the January window, and frankly, that’s what most fans are pinning all our hopes on – that he will find 9 more Nicolas Raskins and Todd Cantwells this summer.

Unfortunately he’s started with a guy who’s got a very mediocre career record with 21 appearances in the Premier League (for doomed Norwich mostly), and 123 in the Championship in the form of Kieran Dowell. That signing really doesn’t fill us with an iota of hope and doesn’t scream as being even a match for what we currently have, never mind being better.

So… yes, there is a huge question to ask here.

Do Rangers cut their losses and ditch Beale, starting all over again with a new manager with a winning CV and a fresh slate of work this summer, or do we stick with this guy who is showing few signs of being able to turn it around?

Do we take the gamble and ‘give him a chance ffs’ or do we rip up this shambolic season and go completely fresh for the summer and next season?

It’s a question, isn’t it? And we’ll leave it with you.

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  1. We can’t keep changing managers every time we get beat by them or the sheep,he needs time to get rid of the dead wood at our club and bring in his own players whoever they may be. If we do get rid of Beale who do we get to replace him and more importantly who would want the job

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