Douglas Park has a lot of Rangers questions to answer

Douglas Park has a lot of Rangers questions to answer
The man at the top was part of the problem....

As you will already have sensed from our content today, we’re not overly interested in the Aberdeen match. Obviously we will watch and follow on as loyal Rangers fans always do, but the outcome is so moot and the likelihood is Barry Robson’s side will probably win anyway.

But the real purpose of this cheery piece for you this Sunday lunchtime is the reality of the absolute folly of our former board in wrecking this club.

See, Ibrox Noise has never been a big fan of Dave King – we know his good friend and club legend Richard Gough well, but King himself we are beyond wary of.

But there can be no denying the impact of his exit from the board and leaving the club in the hands of Douglas Park is why we are where we are.

Whatever you think of King, his stewardship led to 55. A slow-burning journey, but it was progression every year.

Now, naturally it’s worth pointing out King quit a year before we won 55, but everything was already in place, and all Park did was ban cinch the following summer while profiting from the club’s position.

There’s no denying Douglas Park is a Rangers fan and a Rangers man, but he’s a businessman first and he was not focused enough on Rangers’ best interests, but his own.

That summer’s signings? Roofe, Itten, Balogun, Hagi, Bassey, Defoe, Zungu, McLaughlin. Only one of them was a real success, and that wasn’t till 18 months later (Bassey). Balogun was great but always injured, and the rest just didn’t work out for one reason or another.

In short, we won 55 thanks to what was already there, what had been laid beneath Park by King.

We don’t love King or trust him, but he rebuilt the club with Paul Murray and John Gilligan and handed that to Park who steered it safely enough but without ambition. Then proceeded to ruin everything after 55 in concert with outgone Robertson and Wilson by prioritising merch over success.

Where we are is because of Park and his regime – it wasn’t toxic, it was just selfish. He used the club for his own business interests and even made enemies of the SPFL in order to promote his own car dealership.

What’s worse, his stupid car brand logos remain all over our club.

So yes, thank you Douglas, thanks a lot.

You came, you saw, and you rather left us with absolutely nothing.

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