VAR outrage as Rangers accuse officials of ‘cheating’…

VAR outrage as Rangers accuse officials of ‘cheating’…
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 08: Malik Tillman of Rangers FC reacts while on the ground during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park on April 08, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Ok, there’s been a lot of negativity on Ibrox Noise today over the disappointment of effectively losing the title. We saw it coming, knew it would happen, but we never wanted to be correct.

But one thing we cannot abide is that absolutely ridiculous VAR call which could, COULD have changed the course of the game had it been correct.

Kevin Clancy chalked out Rangers’ ‘opening’ goal, scored by Alfredo Morelos, after the Colombian was involved in a tussle with Celtic’s Alistair Johnston.

Both had a bit of grappling going on, and the Canadian threw himself to the floor when clearly no force was causing it.

Morelos then bundled the ball easily into the net. Only for Clancy to rule it out for a foul.

It went to VAR. And this is where Scotland is being badly let down by the excellent technology.

Let’s be clear here – VAR is 100% the way forward, the tech reduces the errors and is absolutely fair. But, and here’s the big but, a computer is only as smart as the person using it. Technology is only as good as its user is.

And evidently, clearly, the officials in control of VAR are getting a lot of things wrong, and did so again, as they incredulously sustained Clancy’s decision and the game resumed.

When even ragin’ wee Andy Walker is laughing at how absurd a decision is, you know the officials have utterly messed up.

Now, it’s hard here not to accuse these guys of cheating – regulars to Ibrox Noise know we have always been very, very fair towards referees, trying to defend them in the past even with decisions that go against our fine club.

They’re only human, they will make mistakes.

But when even a bitter-faced wee tim like Walker knows that was never a foul, yet three or four referees in an office decide it was, including the one on the pitch, you know something was a bit amiss.

It was, 100% a goal. Yes, there was a grapple, and yes, there were arms around, but they were mutual – it was simply two players fighting for position, and one of them decided to cheat, dive to the floor, and try to get play stopped, knowing that Morelos was going to beat him for power.

The problem with this nonsense is it breaks trust in the process. When something is deeply obvious and missed by the ref, we rely 100% on VAR to correct the error. That’s the point of it.

When the VAR sustains the referee’s error, that absolutely erodes the trust fans have in the system to get these calls right.

It’s not VAR at fault, it’s the referees’ incompetence to blame – the tech is sound and good, but it’s only as good as the referees using it.

And clearly Scotland, again, falls painfully short, and while Morelos’ goal might not have changed the outcome, it could have, and Rangers were robbed of the opportunity to find out.

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