The lost £12M former Ibrox DoF Ross Wilson cost Rangers

The lost £12M former Ibrox DoF Ross Wilson cost Rangers
He's got a fair bit to answer for...

Ibrox Noise was discussing Ross Wilson with a user who wished to praise certain aspects of the former Director of Football’s performance, with a specific case in favour of the transfer fees gained for Nathan Patterson and Joe Aribo in particular.

His case, fairly, was that Rangers got £26M for these two, which is good business.

The problem is, Ross Wilson actually short-changed Rangers because instead of selling for that sum, he sold for a combined total of £8M less, in Patterson’s case £12M and in Aribo’s £6M.

This meant that instead of getting the full £26M for the pair, Rangers ended up with £18M, and with how both players’ post-Rangers careers have panned out, there’s no guarantee the extra £8M is coming any time soon, if ever.

In fact, Ross Wilson’s desperation to sell these two has short-changed the club and cost us close to £10M.

That’s right, easy to spin it positively when he’s the DoF and you’re a Rangers fansite who wants the best for the club, but now he’s gone, we can only look at both cases and think of the fact he’s short-changed us in each sense.

Patterson, simply, should have cost Everton the full £16M he was worth. Aribo Southampton the full £10M he was worth.

Instead, to ‘encourage’ the sale we got a lot less, and only play clauses and bonuses will amount to the full amount.

And with Patterson losing so much of his career via being out of favour then injury, and Aribo being a complete disaster for doomed Southampton, there’s a slim likelihood of Rangers getting what they actually sold both players for.

So, even these sales can be criticised.

Bassey? He did it there too, sold a player for £19M when worth about £23M. Again. Rising. And we’d hope Ajax don’t wake up and completely drop him because we’ll lose that 4M as well.

In short, Wilson has definitely cost Rangers money, on more than one occasion and while some fans praising him is their opinion, we certainly feel we have strong counter-examples.

Should we even mention Rabbi Matondo?

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