Ross Wilson to head for Rangers exit as Premier League side move in

Ross Wilson to head for Rangers exit as Premier League side move in
He's gone, but what is his legacy?

Respected sports paper the Athletic has tonight revealed Nottingham Forest are working to secure Ross Wilson as their Director of Football.

The Premier League side, who sacked their existing DoF Filippo Giraldi today, believe Ross Wilson is the right man to lead their present Premier League campaign to its conclusion, following hilariously ironically hot on the heels of Ibrox Noise suggesting only earlier today Wilson should leave Rangers.

Forest, who look like they may go back to the Championship next season, are preparing for the next step come what may and Wilson is said to be getting head hunted as their preferred candidate.

Tellingly, the Athletic boycotted Rangers some months ago as a result of a decision by Celtic to block cooperation with the journal, meaning they ordained they should not cover Rangers either. Which was a bizarre choice, meaning Jordan Campbell, long-standing Rangers journo, moved on elsewhere.

This new report, by David Ornstein, Daniel Taylor and more from the Athletic, claims Forest have been tracking Wilson for a considerable period and were close to securing him before Rangers nipped in ahead in 2019.

Yes, we’d be happy to see Wilson go, and we’d be even more happy to see the Sporting Director model dumped permanently. It doesn’t work, and just hampers the manager, diluting the lines between him and the SD over who is actually signing and picking the players.

It was first introduced by ex-chairman Dave King, but we can’t say Wilson or predecessor Mark Allen were terribly popular with fans.

Suits without any boots, without a clue how football on the ground actually works.

If Forest take Wilson, it’s a start as far as Ibrox Noise are concerned. And it’ll save a huge wage.

We really wouldn’t want him replaced.

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