Rangers-hating Michael Stewart defends Ibrox men as VAR heat piles up

Rangers-hating Michael Stewart defends Ibrox men as VAR heat piles up
Aberdeen v NSI Runavik - UEFA Europa League - First Qualifying Round - Pittodrie Stadium former player Michael Stewart during the UEFA Europa League qualifying first round match at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xJeffxHolmesx 55267294

When Michael Stewart, the legendary Rangers-hater, who remains bitter to this day that he failed a trial at Ibrox all those years ago, even pipes up to admit that Rangers were denied a clear goal, it only emphasises even more what a truly disgraceful decision it was from Nick Walsh.

See, Kevin Clancy, from his angle, saw the hands on cheating Alistair Johnston, then the defender go forward – it was feasible from his angle that it looked like Alfredo Morelos had actually pushed him.

This, our friends, is why Nick Walsh is under such huge pressure and the attacks at Clancy are a little unfair on that incident, even if otherwise he wasn’t exactly on Rangers’ side.

No, the head of VAR on Saturday, Walsh, was the one tasked with correcting errors, and when even Michael Stewart, who would sooner gouge his eyes out with a rusty ice pick than defend anything Rangers admits it was a clear goal, you know there’s no case to answer.

The ONLY human being on planet earth to make a claim that this was a genuine foul is Johnston, despite every single angle proving otherwise – he didn’t even have the decent to admit that ‘maybe I went down a bit easy’. No, the cheating Canadian actually doubled down on the lie with a fabrication after the match that it was a foul.

See, correct us if we’re wrong, but Celtic fans would probably have enjoyed it more if after the match he admitted the truth, because they’d have known it would wind Rangers fans up if even the felled player admitted he’d ‘gone down easy’.

But no, without any shame, Johnston kept the fib up.

And even Michael Stewart defended Rangers. As did Andy Walker.

When that happens you know your counter view has all the credibility of the Russian propaganda machine.

No, Stewart hasn’t helped Johnston one bit, by doing this very tough thing called being fair and honest. Like or hate Stewart, and we imagine the majority of you are the latter, he called it as he saw it, and who could see it as anything other than a legitimate goal?

Only Johnston, apparently.

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