No more ‘Park the bus’ at Rangers as Chairman Douglas quits

No more ‘Park the bus’ at Rangers as Chairman Douglas quits
The man at the top was part of the problem....

So the big news of Tuesday the 4th of April is the shock revelation that Douglas Park has resigned as chairman to be immediately replaced by John Bennett.

Many fans are asking about the timing – well, aside from this weekend’s Celtic match, there’s not really much against the timing is there. A suit replacing another suit isn’t really that huge a deal on the pitch short term, and it has no relevance to the weekend’s match.

Had he quit after the match, the timing would still have been questioned, so we’ll leave that one alone because it’s not as big a deal as some would imply it is.

But the real question is what do we make of his resignation?

There are two schools of thought to this, and we’ll lay them both out.

The first school of thought thanks Park, he put a lot of money into us, and he’s no more owed it back than Dave King is owed his, but the South Africa-based businessman is loved by so many who seem to think he’s the answer. Park was a safe pair of hands, who is definitely one of us and kept out of the limelight King loved so much. In that sense, he should be respectfully remembered.

But equally the second thought is a lot more damning – the cinch dispute, at which Ibrox Noise was the ONLY Rangers site/group to protest when it first surfaced, was a disgrace. All the prattle about contracts and pre-existing deals was hogwash, ditto a ‘protest’ about the amount the deal made the clubs. That was never a problem previously – and was only a problem now because the cinch deal was with a rival car dealership to Park’s own car company, and the chairman abused his position to find a way to stop them advertising at Ibrox. We found this disgraceful – it doesn’t matter if the deal is good or not, Park’s selfishness and business interests were not in the club’s, and made us yet more enemies in Scottish football.

The other part is the ridiculous amount of Park’s Motors that sponsor Rangers’… everything, frankly. ‘Such and such event, in association with Park’s Motors’. Every single event the past 6 months has had Park’s name attached to it, and frankly we’re utterly sick of the sight of his company and his name. It’s saturation, and slightly embarrassing that it’s not other sponsors who have paid the money to have their name on Rangers events and paraphernalia.

So yes, in some ways the negative outweighs the positive, but while Park didn’t disgrace himself, he didn’t cover himself in glory either.

While we similarly have no time for Club1872 (they’ve less credibility than Rangers’ board itself does) the pushing away of fan groups in general didn’t help his cause, and we’d say Ross Wilson represented the board climate and feelings to fans at the AGM with such a condescending, patronising and pontificating performance.

So John Bennett takes over – after the months last year of seeing him, James Bisgrove and Stewart Robertson with their charm offensive and interviews, it was clear the-then vice chairman was being groomed for taking Park’s job.

He was the natural successor and clearly spoke for his now-former boss.

So what now?

Park is owed millions, so is King – both men will want their money back, and that’s fair enough.

Where we do overall stand on Park’s reign?

It was more dignified in many ways than King’s, but less effective – Park let 55 slip away and not become 56, and King will be remembered for taking Mark Allen’s gamble on Steven Gerrard which ultimately got us 55.

But Park gave us Sevilla.

Will he be missed? Probably not. But maybe better the devil you know as we now move forward with yet another man we really don’t know that well.

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