Michael Beale tells Rangers board – ‘no Director of Football’

Michael Beale tells Rangers board – ‘no Director of Football’
Beale revealing the truth about Ross WIlson....

Michael Beale has confirmed he’s not only coping without a Director of Football, but is in fact in favour of it staying that way.

The boss was speaking before Sunday’s trip to Pittodrie and suggested that it might in fact be a bad idea to appoint one, in a statement we couldn’t agree more with.

He said:

“I’m a young manager so maybe having someone between me and the board is right for Rangers. But is it the right thing for a new member of staff to come in now, when we’re going into a new window and have already made a lot of our choices? That would be more difficult, but whatever the board decides will be for the good of the club. Recruitment has become a bit more simple since Ross left because there’s one less person here.”

While Beale is naturally very kind about Wilson, there’s a tinge of satisfaction at his exit too, given the emphasis on how simple recruitment has now become. He also makes it pretty clear that to him, it’s not a great idea to appoint a Director of Football any time soon, and those are words which clearly the board is going to have to listen to.

The board must keep their manager happy – as soon as that’s not the case, there’s a big problem, and any board which is interested in good results and equilibrium will do its best to make sure its manager is content with his working environment.

It sounds to us like while kind about Wilson, Beale much prefers this version of his role, with the ability to recruit on his own terms and pick his own players. Without directly saying it, he appears to be hinting that Wilson was ‘in the way’.

He’s enjoying the modest new workload, and he doesn’t have a suit over his shoulder to ‘help’ him make the decisions.

Going by these words, Michael Beale would be quite happy if the idiotic Director of Football position is never filled at Ibrox again. And as you’ve almost certainly suspected by now, so would we.

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