Football fans give their verdicts on both Rangers and Celtic managers

Football fans give their verdicts on both Rangers and Celtic managers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 26: Ange Postecoglou, Head Coach of Celtic, looks on during the Viaplay Cup Final between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on February 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

A YouGov survey today which has polled 1700 fans believe Rangers manager Michael Beale is doing an ok job, after they scored him an average of 6/10, only one behind his Celtic counterpart.

The survey, carried out by Betfair, saw almost 2000 British football fans polled, and the numbers were intriguing, inasmuch as it demonstrated accurately how Rangers fans would probably score Michael Beale ourselves as things stand, while Celtic fans would have expected their ‘idol’ to be close to 9 if not higher.

Intriguingly, the study put Celtic’s man below ten Hag, Arteta, Guardiola and Howe, which ironically enough is the top four in England given the fact everyone else has been fired or having a horrendous season. Or are Jurgen immune Klopp.

But what matters is Rangers, and Beale’s score is a fair one we believe, given he’s failed horribly with two Old Firm matches and they are how any Rangers manager is judged. Had he won both Old Firm matches, he’d be close to 9 given what he inherited.

Furthermore, his Celtic counterpart has a blank cheque, and even with it at the start he was rank rotten, until the players settled in and made him look better than he is.

It seems like football fans outside of the Glasgow bubble that is Parkhead can see Stavros isn’t that great, and scored him just 7/10. Which given the money he has to spend is not exactly outstanding, plus the fails in Europe.

But Beale can say the score he gets is fair, but with those two Old Firms being wins it would have been way higher.

How much will Saturday teach us? A lot. A loss confirms Celtic’s title, and that Rangers have tonnes of work to do this summer, even with the cup semi-final still to come. A draw is utterly useless to Rangers and fine for Celtic, and mostly confirms the title, while a Rangers win would be gigantic.

Nevertheless, football fans in general don’t rate Stavros that highly, and Beale is rated fairly. That’s one for Celtic fans to moan about endlessly we suppose.

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