“Struggled – 5” Rangers players rated for win v Motherwell

“Struggled – 5” Rangers players rated for win v Motherwell
Todd loved his first Rangers goal (Credit Rangers FC)

After a completely mental 94 minutes at Fir Park, Rangers come away with the deserved spoils, but we didn’t half make it tough for ourselves.

Ibrox Noise brings you ratings for a rollercoaster in Motherwell:


Not a single save, barely touched the ball, was utterly redundant including two goals easily going past him. He’s got little to offer any more. 4


Rip-roaring afternoon from Tav who barely existed as a defender at all, but offered a brilliant free kick (albeit Kelly let himself down badly) to get things moving and made an assist as well. Crossing was hit and miss (mostly miss) and wasted a couple of chances as well. 7


Absolutely hopeless for the opening goal, playing the opposition clearly onside, the big man is going through a bit of a spell of bad form, and it’s not helped by being exactly the same player as Ben Davies. 5


In fairness not a tonne better but probably had the edge. Caught out a few times but was composed enough to mostly carry it off. 6


Boy did we miss Barisic. The young Turk wasn’t absolutely horrible but his crossing is poor, and he was deeply naïve for the opening goal, losing his man entirely. Struggled. 5


The loss of Raskin’s pace was felt here – Lundstram now looks like he’s in slow motion. Did come close with a good effort late on, and won a lot in the air, but doesn’t dominate the middle. 6           


Compared with the tremendous show at Easter Road this was nowhere near that impact, but he did get a lot of the ball (most of anyone actually) and his passing was clean. He just didn’t dominate the match like he did in Edinburgh. This was back to the player he’s mostly been the past 12 months. 7


Slow start, a few cheap losses of possession and didn’t look focused, but once he woke up on 30 minutes was completely in control after that and got his first Rangers goal, well-taken. Did make a bit of a meal of an arm in his neck to act like it was in his face, wee bit cheap that. But it probably was a booking anyway. 8 (which is low for him these days)


Kent worked hard as always to make things happen but his weird central striker position to begin with was definitely odd and didn’t work. Got shots in, but no assists, Kent’s current game gets the best from everyone else but in himself isn’t scoring or assisting much. 6


Until his goal he was absolutely atrocious, classic hopeless Fashion, but his goal was that comical mad genius only he can do. Even after it he was far from good! 7


It’s the worst match he’s ever had as a Rangers player. Barely touched the ball, not helped by being in a RW position to begin with, and it seemed to upend him. Had a couple of chances and absolutely wasted them in an uncharacteristic manner. He’ll want to forget this one. 3



His goal was absolute class, but where does Beale fit him in? 7


One good assist for Tillman but underwhelming aside that. Missed 3 sitters and looked confused as much as anything. 6


Hungry and lively, as he will always be. 6


No real impact.


Just glad for more minutes.


Michael Beale started the best team he actually could have, but they just didn’t deliver for him – and he’s got real issues with the defence as per usual. It’s not working, and never will, as long as he is manager. Midfield was slow for a lot of the match. But attack did score 4 times and his subs worked for him this time, so in the end all is well. 7

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