Rangers fans unveil official protest at two men on Ibrox board

Rangers fans unveil official protest at two men on Ibrox board
The UB unveil their new banner.

Rangers fan group the Union Bears have officially launched their anti-Ross Wilson and Stewart Robertson campaign after long-hounding Rangers’ social media accounts with the same banner that they unveiled at Fir Park.

The supporters group, under some fire in recent times, not least with their misguided chanting at Hampden during a minute’s applause, have decided to take their social media campaign into ‘the real world’ and unveiled the banner in Motherwell, featuring the-now familiar image of Wilson and Robertson with a lined circle over them, the classic ‘do not do this’ road sign.

Is it correct?

The message is clear – fans feel it’s time for change, but we must admit that the Union Bears far from speak for all supporters, and indeed the majority of fans don’t really endorse what the UB do, given they are, naturally, ultras.

We have praised the group in the past for giving Ibrox atmosphere – it would be absolutely dead without them, as we bore witness to v Raith Rovers. Generally we would like to think their actions are in the club’s best interests, benefit of the doubt.

But most fans would dismiss them as ‘wee neds’ who behave poorly and selfishly and don’t even wear the club colours. It’s hard to entirely reject that argument, albeit Ibrox Noise has spoken to their members individually before and one-on-one they have been decent and reasonable with us.

They just go too far in public in order to make a statement.

This one? The anti-Wilson and Robertson line? In fairness most fans aren’t big on these two, with Wilson’s performance at the AGM rather smug and pontificating, while Robertson didn’t do an awful lot better and struggles for credibility.

But of course it’s their actual results in the job that matter, and Wilson’s have been very mixed – he’s the ultimate face of the football side while Robertson is the face of the business side, and neither has shone in recent times, especially since Sevilla.

So is it time for new blood – well you remove one bad egg, and it tends to be their replacement is worse.

Better the devil you know?

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