“Free to go” – Rangers manager Michael Beale addresses Alfredo Morelos speculation

“Free to go” – Rangers manager Michael Beale addresses Alfredo Morelos speculation
Beale has confirmed he wants a trimmed squad (Credit Rangers FC)

Michael Beale has confirmed Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos is at least ‘free to go and speak to other people’ amid the ‘unofficial’ breaking news Ibrox Noise brought you some days ago that he’d signed a precontract with Sevilla.

Speaking after Rangers’ ultimately comfortable Scottish Cup quarter final v Raith Rovers, Beale pulled no punches about Morelos’ rotten application, admitting the striker had not been bringing the energy to Rangers’ table that he once did, and appeared to distance himself significantly from the Colombian.

He said:

“Alfredo had the shirt, he was the only striker fit, and he did very well. When he has needed to play he’s been fine – but I want a bit more energy in the final third. Can he provide that? If he can then he’s a better option than what he has been the last few months.”

He might be slightly talking in riddles but the basic premise from the boss is Morelos is second-fiddle to Tony Goalak now, and that Beale is far from happy with what his former star pupil has contributed in the past 12+ weeks.

And let’s face it, he’s bang on – Morelos’ attitude has been deplorable, a spoiled child with his tantrums and ‘greetin’ face’ and he’s not compensated that on the pitch with energy and hard work.

The goals have also dried up a bit this season, and it’s equally worth noting that since joining Rangers, Alfredo Morelos has never played more than 27 league matches in any season. 6 years. And fans like us give Ryan Jack stick over his availability!

But it’s the manager’s admission that Morelos is free to speak to other clubs that appears to be an unofficial confirmation that that’s exactly what he’s done and has agreed with Sevilla.

Ultimately, Rangers and Morelos’ love/hate affair is coming to an end soon, and unless there’s a shock twist in the solid information all sources have received regarding the Colombian’s precontract, the man is leaving for Spain as soon as he can.

Beale is quite forthright in admitting the boy isn’t performing, and isn’t putting the legwork in either. No wonder Antonio Colak is back to first choice.

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