Rangers: Connor Goldson’s slurs on Joe Aribo are incredibly unfair

Rangers: Connor Goldson’s slurs on Joe Aribo are incredibly unfair
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 21: Joe Aribo, Glen Kamara, Ryan Kent, Calvin Bassey and Connor Goldson of Rangers pose with the trophy in front of their fans after defeating Hearts 2-0 in extra time during the Scottish Cup Final match between Rangers and Heart of Midlothian at Hampden Park on May 21, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Connor Goldson’s recent media offensive continued last night after indirectly calling Calvin Bassey and Joe Aribo especially failures following their struggling careers away from Rangers.

The Nigerian pair switched to Ajax and Southampton respectively, but neither of them have thrived, with quite the opposite being the case as both struggled in Holland and England equally.

He said:

“You look at the people who have left the club – are they happy? You get used to winning. I don’t think I could now play for a team that wins once every three, four or five games.”

Clearly a very direct slur on Joe Aribo, a bit personal in fact on a former brother and team mate, and utterly uncalled for. Goldson has history for making some incredibly stupid and ignorant comments in public, his Hampden quotes going down in infamy to say the least.

But this is just crass. Who the hell is Connor Goldson, who didn’t get a single good offer from any credible side in England, to slaughter another player who did or one who went to Holland?

Is this jealousy? We’d argue that’s exactly what it is. Goldson wanted a Premier League team, and clearly none came in, so he’s made up this cock and bull story about wanting to win in order to make himself look better.

Not a single player on earth would choose Rangers or Celtic over even a relegation-threatened Premier League side, purely down to the money involved and the chance to lock horns with the world’s best players weekly.

Indeed, when we published Goldson’s comments on why he stayed at Ibrox, a lot of you were NOT swallowing his claims at all – the most common reply we got was ‘money’ and ‘didn’t get any good offers’.

His reason about ‘wanting to win’ was mostly dismissed, showing the respect many fans actually have for him these days.

And the more rubbish he spouts off in the press to his best pal Chris Jack, the more unpopular he’ll get, so we’d suggest he quits his babbling and sticks to the football.

He’s just lucky he can actually play a bit.

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