Manchester City and their Premier League status as viewed by Sevconians

Manchester City and their Premier League status as viewed by Sevconians
Manchester City's Norwegian striker Erling Haaland (L) applauds as Manchester City's Spanish manager Pep Guardiola (R) leaves the pitch after the end of the UEFA Champions League 1st round day 4 group G football match FC Copenhagen vs Manchester City in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 11, 2022. (Photo by Jonathan NACKSTRAND / AFP) (Photo by JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images)

The breaking news from England that Manchester City are at serious risk of being thrown out of the Premier League due to financial rule breaches cannot help but echo what happened in Scotland with Rangers.

While the two examples are ultimately very different circumstances, just like in Scotland there’s reportedly strong calls for City to be chucked out of the Premier League if found guilty of rule breaches over the past decade plus, which is very similar to what Rangers fans and our club went through in 2012.

Where does Ibrox Noise stand on this? First of all, we’ll be amused to hear the reaction of the Sevconians who also have a soft spot for City, guaranteed they will justify keeping City in the PL while it was ‘right’ that Rangers were expelled all those years.

But in reality?

It’s a subject few Rangers fans will want to talk about, those horrible memories of 11 years ago still strong in the mind – they’ll never leave our psyche. But Ibrox Noise have always been willing to take on unpopular topics.

In truth? City aren’t as vital to the Premier League as Rangers are to the Premiership – England’s top flight has 6+ juggernaut sides, money flowing through it like water and it simply won’t miss Manchester City like the diddy Premiership did Rangers.

For crying out loud, without Rangers the SPL couldn’t even get a sponsor. Man City’s absence from the Premier League won’t affect sponsorship at all.

And that’s where the crux is. From what we gather, Premier League clubs want City expelled if they’re found guilty by an independent commission, while Rangers were only ‘found guilty’ in the court of public opinion. But we did mismanage our cash for sure, even if the whole thing was based on that ‘ex-owner’ keeping hold of PAYE, NI and VAT which was to go to HMRC. That’s what led to it all.

City? We don’t really know – it looks like paying out more than the rules let them, based on FFP. We’re not really sure.

We are certainly not going to judge City – they have become the new club for England to hate, because they’re the best. Hearing City-hating pundits saying they’re in crisis on the pitch despite topping the table and having the world’s best striker is quite laughable, and we’re no City fans on Ibrox Noise.

But we will be very interested in the outcome of all this, and how City would be judged by those north of the border, especially those who don’t support Rangers, and do support the other team.

Interesting times.

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