Is it a Rangers goodbye to ex-chairman Dave King at last?

Is it a Rangers goodbye to ex-chairman Dave King at last?
Football - 2019 / 2020 Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Rangers vs. Celtic Rangers chairman Dave King is seen before the game, at Ibrox Stadium. COLORSPORT/BRUCE WHITE PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

Have we finally seen the ‘end’ of Dave King? Having confirmed he’s not selling his Rangers shares to Club1872 after all, the former chairman, who loves his mouth in the press, has possibly and finally said goodbye to the club as an influential body with any credibility.

He remains a major shareholder, but had hoped desperately to sell his shares to the supporters’ group and be done completely, walking away with the money he believes he is owed.

As it turns out, he was unable to sell because the group couldn’t raise enough, and indeed, fell miles short of doing so.

We had to raise an eyebrow at his theories:

  1. Some supporters prefer to own shares directly.
  2. Some supporters would support joint fan ownership but not within Club 1872.
  3. The difficult economic conditions.
  4. Supporters no longer feel that the Club is under threat.
  5. The Club’s recent campaign against Club 1872 and its officers.

In fairness, most of these aren’t inaccurate, but they’re not why you couldn’t sell Dave. The reason is simple – Dave King has lost a tonne of trust from fans in the past year, sick and fed up of his rhetoric and nonsense.

You learn true trust at moments like these – when fans are putting their money where their mouths are – and in this case, despite hard-liners spouting ‘Return of the King’ and ‘bring back Dave King’ these same souls aren’t bothering to back him when asked to dig their hands into their pockets.

Any scheme involving him turns supporters away now – which is far from trusting and liking Douglas Park either, but there is a safety with Park and his regime that while fans will never like or respect the board, we know that they are generally not going to wreck the club and it does feel reasonably assured.

It also helps that Michael Beale’s success on the pitch has taken a lot of attention off the board, and fans aren’t keen to wreck the better feeling of good results.

Dave King? He’s had his time, whatever we at Ibrox Noise think of it – he remains a majority shareholder who has that influence, but he’s not someone any more that fans look up to with the fondness they once did.

His time was 8 years ago now, and while he does get our respect for the work his regime did in turning the club around, fans have moved on from him.

We’re not sure there’s much point in Club1872 either, for that matter.

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