Todd Cantwell to Rangers latest as midfielder ‘considers’ Ibrox offer

Todd Cantwell to Rangers latest as midfielder ‘considers’ Ibrox offer
NORWICH, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 18: Todd Cantwell of Norwich City takes part in a training session at the Lotus Training Ground on November 18, 2021 in Norwich, England. (Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

The latest over Todd Cantwell’s saga to Rangers would put anyone to sleep now, such is the drone of the whole affair, but Sky Sports’ ‘revelation’ that he was considering Rangers’ offer might win the window’s ‘statement of the rather obvious’ award.

See, that offer is called a precontract, and Rangers offered it ages ago – it’s part and parcel of Bosmans who are out of contract in the summer – free to speak to anyone they like in January, and anyone is free to offer them a contract for season 23/24.

The difference comes in trying to get the lad now – to the best our knowledge, Rangers have not made an offer to his club, Norwich City, and he will remain at Carrow Road unless that changes.

This is the bit the media, and some fans, may be confusing themselves over, and we admit, this one is very bewildering.

Rangers, like any other club, can hurl a contract offer to Todd Cantwell or any other precontract Bosman who’s out of contract this summer, and that player will ‘consider’ that offer. The thing becomes serious only if they actually accept it, and then travel north for a medical. Then, and only then, if they pass the medical, can they sign the contract, if they still choose to do so.

But they still remain a Norwich player, and will play the season out there. This is what happened with John Souttar, who signed the deal and (inexplicably) passed Rangers’ medical in January, only for Rangers’ offer to Hearts to be too low for them to let him go that month. He arrived in the summer.

So, the media telling you Cantwell is considering Rangers’ offer is absolutely useless, unless he accepts it. Because he is likely to have quite a few contracts thrust his way as he considers which club he wants to move to, preferably now, but more likely in the summer.

Is he coming to Rangers?

Beats us. Michael Beale says one thing then another, so we’re all left guessing, frankly him included, and it all comes down to the offers Rangers have made.

Oh the fun and games of the window.

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