Todd Cantwell ‘fee agreed’? Rangers clickbait media at it

Todd Cantwell ‘fee agreed’? Rangers clickbait media at it
NORWICH, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 20: Todd Cantwell of Norwich City looks on during the Premier League match between Norwich City and Southampton at Carrow Road on November 20, 2021 in Norwich, England. (Photo by Harriet Lander/Getty Images)

We’ve had a LOT of feedback on Ibrox Noise about Todd Cantwell to Rangers, following our recent story that Michael Beale’s comments hinted that the deal was dead.

Quite a few of these comments were contradicting our claims, saying that Ibrox boss Beale has in fact endorsed the signing, but once again the misleading media like the BBC and Clickbait Insider have done their job in fictionalising stories associated with our club and misleading fans.

Is there any coincidence that Rangers partners 4lads and Heart & Hand have no record of saying anything about Cantwell as a ‘done deal’? That all the claims of a deal signed, fee agreed and medical arranged all come from the clickbait media? Either that or these official Ibrox partners don’t have the sources fans think they do, which is not for us to judge.

But the point is Rangers manager Michael Beale, himself no stranger to looseness with quotes and the truth, was deeply misquoted by the media when his words were very clear.

Beale was asked about the progress on Norwich’s Cantwell, and his response was explicit, and we’d like you to hear what he said accurately:

Q: “A lot of talk about Todd Cantwell and Morgan Whittaker, anything in that?”

A: “Well they’re both two excellent players, so we’re looking for excellent players, I think they’re slightly at different stages of their careers but they’re two different players we’re aware of and that will probably move in this window.”

Now, let’s be clear – he isn’t saying ‘to Rangers’, he’s just aware the club are interested in them like we are with any good player, and both are likely going to move on from their respective clubs in this window. Somewhere.

However, it’s the next quote which clickbait media are manipulating:

“No news coming out doesn’t mean bad news. We are all on the same page. We are all working away. That’s not specifically speaking about that player (Cantwell), that’s just things in general. There’s no update just now. We are in the middle of the month and I am pleased with how things are going.”

This one has been cannibalised to turn into Beale saying he’s happy with how the Cantwell deal is developing, which is absolutely not what he said.

Beale is expressing a claim he’s happy with Rangers’ window, but he 100% has not said any single player is coming, nor is there any information that any deals have been sorted, except in the clickbait media.

We know plenty readers out there will even selectively read this article, and take it as further ‘proof’ Cantwell is a done deal, but we can’t control how our content is interpreted.

All we know is our club ARE actively trying to get players, but with 12 days left, nothing has yet happened. Which is a bit worrying, in all honesty.

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  1. It’s very worrying . We want to win at least 1 Cup hopefully 2 but our options get worse by the moment also following the usual suspects that don’t want to play for the Famous not delivering or actually trying . It’s more than worrying its yet another self made mess by the board and Ross Wilson for this season.

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