Rangers must move for Hearts star Lawrence Shankland

Rangers must move for Hearts star Lawrence Shankland
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 27: Lawrence Shankland controls the ball during the UEFA Europa Conference League group A match between Heart of Midlothian and Rīgas Futbola skola at Tynecastle Park on October 27, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Some weeks ago Ibrox Noise posited a hypothetical straw poll, asking our esteemed readers who of Lyndon Dykes or Lawrence Shankland they’d take.

The overwhelming majority of replies smeared both as not good enough, and suggested Lawrenzo Shankaza instead.

Yes, as Shankland proves he’s the best striker in Scotland at present, better than anyone at Ibrox or the other team as things stand, apparently that’s still not good enough for some Rangers fans who’d only accept someone with a foreign name they’ve not heard of as long as his stats are solid, rather than a Scottish player with experience in the Scottish Premiership whose numbers are absolutely through the roof.

Shankland has 20 goals and 4 assists this season, better stats than any other forward in Scottish football, and still that’s not good enough?

He’s playing for a side upper midtable in the Scottish Premiership (currently in a solid third place thanks to his goals), and some of our fans wouldn’t take him?

What planet are they on, exactly?

Dykes? His numbers have been below average for QPR, he’s alright, but he’s not set the world alight down there, not like Shankland is doing at Hearts.

Would we take him? Yes, 100%. Antonio Colak is a top, top class striker, but seems to be struggling with injuries these days, not to mention the change in system under Michael Beale – and Alfredo Morelos seems mostly off-form bar the occasional performance where he hints back to his old standards.

Shankland? He’s the highest-scoring Hearts player for 30 years, and he’s good enough for Rangers. He’s certainly worth taking the punt on. But then, he’s an obvious and great player, and those are the ones our club rarely to never makes any kind of move for.

And we guess some of our fans would be happy if they didn’t, which is not something we exactly share here on Ibrox Noise.

As for us, 100% let’s get Shankland, if it can be done, because he’s one of us and he’s an excellent hitman.

He’s proven himself alright, and it’s his time to shine for a truly major club.

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  1. l said a while ago when he was at Ayr United on Shankland as he is one of us and frankly got ignored or laughed at when the kid was available for very low money, now he will cost millions, something we dont have in spare cash for now

  2. Why is everyone looking at midfielders and strikers when we are in need of a new keeper it seems stupid to me

  3. Should’ve went for him when Hearts did and we would now be reaping the reward. Just shows that our recruiting strategy clearly wasn’t/isn’t fit for purpose. Beale already has been saying about acquiring the best Scottish talent around, Shankland is definitely in that bracket. Let’s hope the recruitment teams been given a rollicking,been told to up their game and start being productive

  4. Take Shankland all day long over any other strike target. Need to stop looking at bringing in foreign players n having to wait on them bedding in. Makes sense to pay the money for him now n let him rip teams apart in light blue.

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