Rangers make move for injury-prone midfielder amid Ross Wilson pressure

Rangers make move for injury-prone midfielder amid Ross Wilson pressure
He's got a fair bit to answer for...

Rangers fans will be rolling their eyes at the latest target said to be interesting the club, injury-prone Alex Kpakpe, formerly of Chelsea who featured in a recent bounce game for Rangers, apparently impressing management.

The 18 year old defensive-minded midfielder has seen his Stamford Bridge career completely upended by injury, the London giants releasing him last month, and in a desperate bid to get going again he played for Rangers’ bounce side and could well get himself a deal.

But of course, it’s that diabolical injury background which will have Rangers supporters absolutely thrilled with the potential capture, with a long-running joke among fans on every new linked transfer target, that either said target must have an injury history, ‘how long has he been out for’ or ‘we’ll injure him as soon as he signs’.

In fairness, Rangers’ horrific injury crisis is now starting to ease up, conspiracy tales aside, and only really Helander, Hagi and Lawrence of the key absent players are still not available.

As for Kpakbe? Well, he’s 18, has plenty of potential and would be one for the Academy. The thinking clearly is bring him in on a modest wage, see how he does and if he can stay injury-free, if not, just release him when required. But if he can avoid any absences, then maybe he’s got a chance and Rangers found a gem.

In fairness, you’d think the club had learned its lesson particularly from John Souttar, but Rangers Sporting Director Ross Wilson remains adamant that was a good signing and Souttar will become a key player for the club – he made that claim as a rod for his own back, and might have been wiser to play it down.

So, no, we don’t seem to have entirely learned from injury mistakes from the past, and appear keen to make them again.

All we can do is hope this former Chelsea kid is finally over his issues if Rangers do deem he’s work the risk of time and money. In fairness, he clearly has the talent, but can he remain available to demonstrate it?

Time will tell.

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  1. Would say this is a joke but honestly nothing would surprise me anymore even if this wilson clown was to walk out for that AGM in a celtic top & scarf. Others would be outraged where as i would just shrug and say what are u shocked for? What do u expect? It’s pretty clear by now this guy is obviously either a complete clown & slightly retarded or else a infiltrator working for them. As anybody with even a very low IQ would not go near another injury prone player after the complete fool the guy has made if himself with all the crocks he has signed just witthin the last year or 18 months. Yet if he does he has got to be purposely running our club into the ground making sure we waste money & at the same time cannot possibly get a team together that is capable of competing with never mind toppling them. He is an infiltrator because nobody can be that stupid. It would be him actualy rubbing it in being arrogantly smug. Saying “so what are people saying about me? That i have F’cked up with my signings they are all crocks… hmm ok i know what i’m gonna do go out my way to go get a total crock just to say F U i’m deliberately destroying your club & yet there’s nothing u can do about it, i’m not leaving”
    What the F this mans background anyway?
    They do not let anybody even become a cleaner at their club until they know about them where as our dumb board just let any old tom, dick or harry in. Look at that one who was taking pictures celebrating at Ibrox when liverpool beat us, yet worked at a high level at Ibrox. That is just the tip of the iceberg and it would never happen across the city as they only hire their own.

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