Rangers’ board reveals shock figures at club’s AGM

Rangers’ board reveals shock figures at club’s AGM
The board at the AGM....

Rangers’ board has today stated that there is £13.1M disposable cash in the club’s bank account, which will come as a bit of a surprise to some given we’re ‘supposed to be skint’.

The suits, presenting their case at the AGM this morning, have stated that in 2018 there was £2.9M, but now it’s four times that, which doesn’t just mean we now have £13M to spend on sweeties, by any means, but it does reflect infinitely healthier accounts and better financial management.

But the downside is the claim that Rangers only made a grand total of £17.9M from the UCL, while our other group members all made at least three times that each, and Rangers’ claim is this is due to the 5-year co efficient and restrictions placed upon the club by the Scottish market.

Managing Director Stewart Robertson was at pains to explain that the UEL final and run earned the club more than qualification to the UCL would, and despite all the public figures suggesting it’s in the £40M region, the club has poured cold water over that and claimed it’s less than half.

And claimed Ajax, Napoli and Liverpool all made infinitely more due to their leagues and lack of restrictions.

So, on one hand there’s way more money in the bank than there once was, on the other, the club’s incredible exploits getting to the UCL didn’t even generate half of what it was supposed to.

End of the day, you either believe the numbers or you don’t, but this was professionally-audited as always and it’s kind of illegal to fiddle your figures.

Trust the board or not, the UCL appears to have made a tonne less cash than it should have, despite our eastern rivals posting a £36M sum for their last UCL participation prior to this one.

What do we make of it? It cannot be untrue, because it’s an AGM – it’s legally binding and you cannot lie about accounts at an AGM or indeed in the auditing.

It is disappointing how little UCL made, but then what of TV money and gate receipts? Are they included in that £17.9M revenue?


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