Douglas Park to retain position as Rangers chairman following AGM

Douglas Park to retain position as Rangers chairman following AGM
The man at the top was part of the problem....

Douglas Park will be re-elected onto the Rangers board despite fan protests against his position, with the AGM imminent.

The Press Association, a well-respected outlet, has predicted, strongly, that Park will retain his slot on the Ibrox board, and the associated position of Chairman, unless he chooses to stand down from his executive privilege, which he surely won’t.

Park only possesses 12% shareholding, but has enough backing from the wider range of Rangers shareholders to remain in power, which will be extremely unpopular with fans, despite Club1872 unsurprisingly indicating its intention to vote against him.

Dave King will do the same, but it will make no difference, due to the way the shares are dominated by existing directors and ally companies of Park, so the AGM will serve little more as a way for angry fans to vent their spleens in outrage and complaint of incumbent Park.

Unfortunately Park’s careless running and selfish actions as Rangers chairman, which began the moment the club won 55, is set to continue, and while Dave King is equally in it for himself (he wants his money back) there’s no one else on the horizon as an imminent takeover Rangers fans could remotely trust.

The only takeover is asset stripping and hedge fund guru Kyle Fox, but she and her Capital group have no interest at all in Rangers’ future, just finding a way to use the club to siphon money with.

Since when is a capital group interested in anything other than capital? She also has no inherent cash, and would need to find the investment, which would be nothing but faceless other hedge funds and while we can’t really endorse Park, under him Rangers certainly aren’t going to go under.

Either way, there’s no Blue Knight on a horse coming in to save the club we’re afraid.

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