Rangers board blanks major question at club’s Annual General Meeting

Rangers board blanks major question at club’s Annual General Meeting
Commercial genius James Bisgrove...

Rangers have failed to explain how the worst home defeat in the history of the club ended up being a misguided piece of merchandise after a diabolical photo of the 1-7 loss to Liverpool ended up on sale in the club store.

Speaking at today’s AGM, the board were answering a range of questions put to them by shareholders, when the question of the nonsense image for sale was raised. And the club completely blanked that question.

The true answer?

It was almost certainly ok’d by Commercial Director James Bisgrove, whose job it is to juice every penny from every revenue source he can. The man is VERY good at what he does, but he is in no way a Rangers fan, and simply does his job neutrally, as an ‘outsider’. Bisgrove brings in a tonne of deals and has a load of revenue streams, but is completely out of touch with Rangers fans and football in general.

And this photo embarrassingly made it into retail for £50, before widescale outrage and horror saw it being recalled and taken offline, following that furore and the potential damage such a foolish commodity would do in stock on Rangers’ store.

A total bum note for sure. And the question of it was completely avoided by the Rangers board, who chose to answer other questions instead and gloss over the Liverpool poser entirely.

Curiously enough, Sydney wasn’t raised by anyone, and that WAS completely Bisgrove’s pet, his idea, and he was the face of it in publicity leading up to it, but as we say, no one actually asked about that, which was a surprising oversight by the audience.

Nevertheless, the 1-7 question was ignored, probably because it was such a massive faux pas and the board, having let Bisgrove take the fall for Sydney, left this one alone instead, which meant they were actually protecting a colleague for once.

But yes, we’ll never get an apology for that one, one of the worst things Rangers have ever tried to sell. Not even a quick buck could ever justify the idea to sell that result as merch.

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  1. This not done either the Aussie shambles may come back to bite us in the pocket …again. James Bisgrove is a very competent and articulate fellow but he’s been hung ot to dry with bothe the Aussie slash and the 7-1 faux pa’s.

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