Michael Beale’s improvements at Rangers are not being noticed

Michael Beale’s improvements at Rangers are not being noticed
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 15: Rangers Manager Michael Beale looks on ahead of the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at on December 15, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

After our last rant, you might be forgiven Ibrox Noise is more Bah Humbug than anything else, but all of us on the Noise had a good Xmas thank you very much.

And we’re enjoying Rangers a lot more now, even if we couldn’t trust Michael Beale as far as we can throw him. The man is a complete liar, saying one thing and doing another, but we do not care a jot because it’s five wins in a row under him (inc. friendly) and the football is a superb upgrade from the stationary nonsense since Sevilla under Gio.

Where are the Rangers right now?

We’re transitional. Last night, FINALLY, we started our best possible defence – aside injured Filip Helander, there’s no doubt the Tav, Goldson, Davies and Barisic combination is the best rearguard at the club, and having that reliable base is what we can build a team on top of.

Two shut-outs in a row, and Barisic is a colossal upgrade on the sadly very average Adam Devine, who cannot defend or attack with any effect at all. Two minutes on the pitch and Borna’s got two assists while defending solidly. We don’t expect to see the youngster again unless there’s fitness management for Barisic.

But most fans are not seeing it. Why? Because they don’t want to. Midfield saw Lundstram and Jack pairing effectively behind Lowry, and while the ball did see a few loose passes, the passing levels for these players was 90%, 90%, and 85%. Yes, awful.

The difference under Michael Beale sees players willing to try and take risks, and make more difficult passes to find space and lines – it means it’s not going to work every time, it can’t – but under Gio they refused to try. No one moved anywhere and we didn’t see Barisic making a single decent cross by the end.

But fans are not happy with that. Not happy with us winning, it seems.

Attack? Morelos’ passing was poor, but he scored and got an assist. What exactly else can we demand of our striker? 4 shots, 3 on target, a couple of dribbles and a couple of key passes. Yet still not good enough apparently?

We’re not saying we’re anything like the finished product, but the fans who see no difference between now and Gio simple don’t care to.

Sing when you’re winning? More like whine always.

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  1. First time reading your website and possibly not understanding if ironic. But i don’t know what is and isn’t your belief. Do you rate Beale and Devine? Is 85% passing success rate woeful and you want it lower so they trying harder passes that may not come off rather than play safe?

  2. I’m no whiner, but I’ll tell you what I’m unhappy with and that’s Ibrox Noise saying Adam Devine was crap! The boy did really well, coming in as a replacement full back on the wrong side. He might be no Nathan Paterson (yet), but I think he definitely deserves pass parks. Well done, Adam, don’t listen to the naysayers at IN!

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