Rangers fans: quit your whining, we’re winning under Beale

Rangers fans: quit your whining, we’re winning under Beale
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 15: Rangers Manager Michael Beale looks on ahead of the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at on December 15, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Yes Ibrox Noise is back (ish) after a time out from the festive period, and we hope you all enjoyed your turkey and Christmas period in general.

We’re not fully back with you, but with an Old Firm coming up, it would be remiss of us to go completely radio silent following 4 wins in a row and the implications of Monday’s match.

We’re 9 behind still, but Michael Beale’s impact is obvious on the team – and the negativity from large portions of our ‘fans’ is absolutely pathetic, frankly. All we got on our social channels last night was whining from them, about how badly we’re playing and how Celtic will hand our backsides to us.

We find this embarrassing. The same fans who get jealous over Celtic for winning ugly, for having that champion mentality, who wish we could do the same, and then WHEN WE DO, they complain about THAT as well!

And as it happens, they’re wrong.

The football last night at Ibrox was not quite classic Barca, but the overloading of bodies, pace of transition, and the off-ball movement was absolutely night and day compared with the static rubbish the players were putting out under Giovanni.

It was a comfortable match, with only a couple of hairy moments at the rear, and Allan McGregor barely had a save to make. Motherwell got ONE shot on target (we had 10) and yet that’s not good enough for some fans?

The same fans, we should add, whining about the lack of Adam Devine in the starting XI, complaining Borna Barisic was rotten, who went very quiet when the Croat had an outstanding match and provided two assists.

A lot of our fans literally do not have a clue about football – we’re on record saying that. We’ll probably annoy a lot of you for saying this, and we honestly don’t care. We’re fed up hearing the negativity about every little Rangers thing these days, and we’ve not heard a SINGLE positive vibe from the fans or the media about our prospects on Monday.

Like it or not, Beale has had a gigantic impact – we’re going forward, we’re scoring, and we’re winning. Are we there yet? Of course not, we’re only four matches into his regime, but the difference between now and a couple of months ago is huge.

But it’s way better to attack the team, the players, and write us off, because that’s what a lot of Rangers fans seem to do now isn’t it?

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  1. I could not agree more . We have played 4 matches under Beale and won them all despite having numerous players out injured. I think this is a good effort from a new manager!

    The negativity coming from some of the fans is pathetic. Can we beat Celtic in the next match? I honestly don’t know but on our day of course we can beat them and if we do it is game on!

    In my opinion Beale needs time to turn this around but I am confident he can and will succeed . I think he will probably need a couple of transfer windows to get us where we need to be.

    This job has also become more difficult by the Directors selling some of our best players, an aging squad, horrendous injury problems and two of our players not choosing to renew their contracts.

    Onwards and upwards WATP

  2. Your back,i thought u were on strike I.N uck😁
    Yes 4 out of 4 whats wrong with them,,they want jam on it ffs
    So far so good for MB you cant get a better start than that,
    Hes got the team back on side and wining again so whats not to like,
    I think MB’s here for the long haul so lets get right behind him

  3. I have agree it’s about winning at all costs. Sir Walter proved that. We played some good stuff last night . Barasic looked every inch the class act he is and shows we missed his forward movement. Morelos too looked more at it. Young Lowry looked as expected ring rusty but he also knows where to be and to go. All positives from me. As far as gje rotten mob they haven’t had to play well against slash as usual. Livi almost had them again
    So Bring It On WATP

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