“He’s one of us – 10” – Rangers players rated in stunning win at Pittodrie

“He’s one of us – 10” – Rangers players rated in stunning win at Pittodrie
Scotty celebrates his winner (Credit Rangers FC)

How on earth are we supposed to rate THAT one? 10 all round? On an absolutely incredible night in which Rangers were down and out, dead and buried, Scotty Arfield broke Jim Goodwin, Aberdeen and Celtic hearts with a staggering last-ditch winner.

We will TRY an honest ratings based on the 97 minutes in their entirety…


He got dog’s abuse for the opening goal, but that was honestly the single mistake he made all night. Excellent judgement of crosses, tonnes of ball claiming and reading of the game, and good ball distribution. He played very well, even if his career is coming to an end. 8


We’ll not wrap this one up, he struggled. Defensively non-existent, got forward a lot and pumped in a lot of crossing attempts, but little hit the mark and overall he was unable to influence much on his side. Seemed to just want to take hopeful pot-shots into the box and pray it found someone. 5


Rusty as hell, slipped a few times (by no means alone), but got himself an assist which helped towards a win. Defensively looked shaky at times, not surprising being out for so long. He wasn’t dire, but he was a long way off his best. 6


Oh he was not good. His reading was poor, and while he got some clearances in, he found himself in the wrong place too many times, slipping in there as well. No understanding with Goldson whatsoever and was frail. Picked up a booking for a really clumsy challenge. No surprise he was removed. 4


We expect less from this kid, and he played a big role in too many crosses coming in from Aberdeen’s right – didn’t close down enough. No clearances, or interceptions, nothing. Just a single tackle all night and he made it by pure luck. Has a lot to learn and he’s out of his depth at the moment. 4


Good passing but nothing else. Struggled to make an impact, even with a lot of the ball in the early portion of the match, was rightly hauled off in the big change. 4


Got a lot of the ball as well, but was achieving nothing with it. A couple of nice touches here and there and some early effort into movement and workrate but it faded quick and overall a passenger before he too was rightly removed. 4


Gets unfair hate from fans but he was probably our best outfield starting player – filled with energy and running, and best passing in the team, he was causing the Dons tonnes of issues early on with his movement and even though he didn’t register a game-changing moment, he was a nuisance. Did fade a bit as the match went on but came back in. 7


Aside his goal, he was God-awful, and even his goal was lucky given it was handball. Fewest touches of any starter, Sakala remains the blind man running down an alley grinning wildly. He’s shockingly poor. 5


Beautiful dribble to set up the early goal, and managed a couple more as well, but his influence faded into the second half and he ended up a virtual bystander. Needs to impact matches more if he’s to be our 10. 6


Average – has no clinical edge to him these days, and while he wins fouls and gets about a bit, there’s a real lack of quality. He will be lucky to get a move at all next month on unimportant performances like these. 5


Well this is where things get interesting…


Should have started. Did more than Devine and Sands combined as a defender and his passing was tight. 7


Put himself about, played the hard man role and ruffled some feathers. Showed he’ll put it in for the team when needed. 7


Got a lot of the ball but didn’t do too much with it. Didn’t offer a great deal. 5


Well well well. 4 shots, 4 on target, a never say die attitude, and he turned the match around single-handedly with quality and striker’s instinct. He won this on his own and he’s one of us. 10.


Beale got the starting team badly wrong – Goldson was off the pace, Sands was even worse, and the players weren’t working for him at all. The first 20 was ok, multiple slips aside, but after that it drifted and the old Gio Rangers came back. Beale’s HT talk made no difference this time. That Gio Rangers remained until 93 minutes when Scotty got his reward, but how much credit can we give the manager when this was a pure get out of jail card and he relied on one man who wouldn’t give up? The four subs screamed of desperation, and reflected more badly on the starting XI. Michael Beale has a LOT to think about now. 5

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  1. Looks as if it’s the old favourites game from when he was last here. If your face fits you’ll get a start even although it’s obvious you’re not going to be match fit . Time will tell .

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