There is no case left for Giovanni van Bronckhorst to remain Rangers manager

There is no case left for Giovanni van Bronckhorst to remain Rangers manager
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 09: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, manager of Rangers gestures on the side line during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian at on November 09, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

After Rangers dropped yet more points in what can only be described as another painful match in Paisley, the case for Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s continued residence on the Ibrox hotseat probably ended.

Whether you like the man or not, regard him as a good Rangers man or not, this season is quickly turning into an absolute nightmare and is perilously close to Warburton levels, if it’s not already there.

Of course, Warby’s Rangers was so bad it couldn’t even match Aberdeen, and indeed until Steven Gerrard became manager third place was all we could do. But this Rangers now is clearly plummeting in that direction, and fast.

Today’s performance might not have been the most horrible thing we’ve ever witnessed in Rangers’ colours, but it wasn’t a lot better, and while we and GVB can still point to injuries, and we certainly have defended the man on that basis, it’s making no difference, is it?

End of the day, Rangers, under Gio’s stewardship, are just going to keep tumbling, with the only iota of hope being the four-week break we now have to get some players fit again, but even that is stretching it, given how rotten we’ve been all season even before the injury epidemic.

Gio no longer feels like the man to take us forward, and every passing match which either sees a horror performance, or dropped points, or both, only enhances the case for parting company. We like the man a lot, we really do, but even if the replacement still has to deal with ‘this’ squad and ‘these’ injuries, fresh ideas are badly needed.

Gio has absolutely no inspiration left, and while 56 already feels like it’s long gone, any lingering ember of it can only be sustained by a new body at the helm, simply for the injection of new concepts, new styles and anything original which could add something different to a very very stale Rangers regime.

Rangers need change, a whole lot more indeed, but a new manager would be a start. Then we can move onto the board, and in January, personnel.

It’s completely past breaking point now.

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  1. Get Gio to fuck now because the fucking weasel will not walk away with nothing, and absolutely disaster of a manager, he will never get another job after this and his pals, PUT THE FUCKING COWARD OUT OF HIS MISERY NOW

    • Seb, please do us REAL Rangers supporters a wee favour. Spare us your derogatory comments about our players and manager. Find yourself a different outlet to release your anger, frustration, etc. Because of your comment(s), I now sincerely hope GVB will stay Rangers manager and turn the ship around.

  2. I would say a guy that comes on calling a decent guy trying his best and former great player a coward and weasel is just that himself .
    Away and crawl under the stone you clearly came from seb ,you knuckle dragging moron ,your sort is not needed at the club .

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