Gio’s latest bizarre comments on Rangers and the world cup are bewildering

Gio’s latest bizarre comments on Rangers and the world cup are bewildering
What chance did he have?

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has baffled everyone again by criticising the timing of this November’s world cup while praising the timing of this November’s world cup.

The Rangers manager was speaking before St Mirren at the weekend, after informing us of Antonio Colak’s setback and subsequent unavailability in Paisley, but praised the timing of the world cup due to how desperately his players need the break:

“We need a break. My players need a break. Just look at my squad. We have a number not available. It’s normal we are waiting for the break and time to refresh.”

So, he is clear that he’s waiting for the four-week time off for all of his players bar Borna to get some healing time in the legs.

But then:

“It will affect someone if you organise a tournament in November and that’s the players and us managers. It’s the first time we have had it and you have also come from the season before. You don’t have any time to give players extra time off.”

This seems to be critical of the time off, while demanding to give players the time off.

We’re not honestly sure what he’s getting at here. Yes, everyone is critical of this world cup, of the location, timing and integrity of it, but while desperately waiting for the four-week break (which he wouldn’t normally have this time of year), he then criticises the timing of it.

The very thing he’s critical of, he’s also praising, in what can only be described as a confusing message.

He is right, the world cup is a sham, and we’ll discuss that in due course, but he can’t very well criticise its timing when he is in fact glad of the break for his players.

In fairness, the timing is literally preposterous, a winter world cup for the first time in history, just to accommodate corrupt Arabs and even more corrupt FIFA, but it is what it is and we have to get on with it.

If Gio is anything, it should be 100% grateful for the timing, period. No pun intended.

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