“That is all I have to say about that” Gio comments on Rangers’ Glen Kamara

“That is all I have to say about that” Gio comments on Rangers’ Glen Kamara
Rangers' English striker Kemar Roofe (L) and Rangers' Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara (R) take part in a team training session at at the Rangers Training Centre in Milngavie, on October 11, 2022 on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group D football match against Liverpool. (Photo by Andy Buchanan / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

In what can only be described as ‘clueless’ Giovanni van Bronckhorst not only started Glen Kamara yesterday, but removed him at half time because it wasn’t working.

Asked about this, the Rangers boss could only say:

“I had to substitute him because I think the team needed a change, more runs from midfield into the right positions.”

If ever a statement summed up everything that’s wrong at Ibrox right now, this is it – it’s well-known Kamara is done at Ibrox – he’s completely lost his place and his interest, and is barely putting in much of a shift at all any more. He seeks a move out and remains absolutely devastated the switch to Nice fell through.

He’s wanted out for a long time, particularly emphasised since his two mates Joe Aribo and Calvin Bassey got their big moves to pastures new earlier in the summer.

So starting him now is a completely empty jersey – Kamara is holding onto hope that established interests in him come back in in January and Rangers accept whatever bid arrives for him, getting his move out early next year. Because he’s done with Rangers and wants a fresh challenge.

Therefore starting him in matches is already down a man – he isn’t going to put in the graft needed and is mainly trying to avoid injury.

Gio added:

“That is all I have to say about that.”

So, basically you started a player who absolutely wants gone, were surprised when he was absolutely terrible, and you absolutely changed that at half time for a player who would actually move a few metres. Absolutely splendid.

Gio, in starting Kamara, almost looked like football suicide – a player who will clearly give barely 30% out there, and the manager decided to start him.

Now, there’s an argument from a few that ‘who else could he start’. Ibrox Noise are well-documented in confirming Steven Davis and John Lundstram cannot partner, something the boss took one year to learn, so we’re not advocating that. But Ryan Jack was fit, and he could easily have started, rather than coming on cold as a sub to partner James Sands as it ended up being.

Kamara is done at Ibrox – decent guy, but as he did at Dundee, has 100% downed tools and wants to move on.

He cannot start again. Just another Gio quirk we’re having to live with at the moment.

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  1. Kamara is far from a decent guy ,he is deliberately not putting in a shift while being payed fabulously.
    He has also decided to publicly have a go at his hugely under pressure manager when he needs his help the most .
    I hope all managers have noted this and he ends up in the wilderness again ,a total PRICK .

    • So it’s ok for you to call Kamara a ‘prick’ but a disgrace for Seb to call Gio whatever it was he called him? Or you testing the waters here…

    • Got to agree Stuart, can never understand players downing tools and then expecting big clubs to come in for you. At this rate heading back to Dundee where he can be a big fish in a small pool is his standard right now. If you don’t want to fight for the club in the bad times it shows where your loyalty is. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Not at all ,gvb is a rangers legend and is a thoroughly decent guy ,he in no way deserves to be called disgusting names ,kamara on the other hand has downed tools as you say and is nowhere near a legend in fact he is a total disgrace ,so you disagree or any other rangers fan out there ??? .
    I Always have time for guys that try he is NOT .shameful .

  3. Dundee is about his level now, l wished he would go back to them, in fact, any team would be good just to get him off the wage bill, no big club would touch him with the old cliche a bargepole, any scouts that have come to lbrox to watch him will have been very disappointed

    Yes l wear my heart on my sleeve, say nothing for days then just let it all out and get a tad too emotional, granted,l don’t go to many games these days, perhaps 3 a season but l put my money into the club buying 3 strips a year and sll the other merchandise from the Rangers store, l do not care if people call me or think l am a plastic paddie believe me, I am just sick and tired of watching our club absolutely collapse once again and the scum from the east ripping it out of us day after day

  4. Nope I dont decide anything and just give an opinion ,imo way below the belt to describe a guy like gvb who was world class player and a great succesful payer for the rangers a coward and a weasel .
    It is not out of order (imo) to describe a guy as a scumbag that pulls on the blue jersey and gives less than 100% as you have already pointed out ,they are cheating their manager and the hard paying fans ,I cant really find many people who disagree with me either on that .
    Hope that explained ok .
    Seb also expalained …end of .

  5. Gio needs to go ….Kamara needs to fuk off to the moody prick….the whole Rangers system needs changed tbh

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